Tuesday 4 June 2019

The Power of Karma

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Roma Gupta Sinha

Do good and forget it. For long I have lived on this principle. It makes life simple and rids me of unexpected pressure of expectations from others. People may get me wrong but that’s fine, I love bowing down in front of most, until of course I really discover some unworthy intentions. Not to show off, but this is how I am.

I try to be very warm, very loving and understanding for most of the people I come across online or offline. I find reasons to assist them to the best of my abilities or at least give them a reason to smile and find happiness in their smiles. No wonder I myself keep smiling most of the times, for nothing can make me negate the healing power of a earnest smile.

Yes, I am a firm believer of the power of Karma without expecting anything in return. It makes my mind happy, I have trained it to be that way. Happiness is a state of mind a complex human brain on an average refuses to stay in. It tries to get entangled in undeserving emotions like anger, grief, jealousy and eventual pain which sucks all our positive energy. Why torture yourself this much. 

Simplify your lives. Do what makes you genuinely happy. Do what makes your heart smile. Forget social stigma, forget what your family will say, if they love you, they will stay. Train your mind to be happy. Find positivity in everything negative that happens in your world. 

Inflate your joys, amplify them magnanimously, absorb their positive vibes and keep hearing their resonance for the longest times and ignore your sorrows. When they find they are getting no significance they will gradually fade away.

There is a different kind of high in being a people’s person. At least I absolutely love being one. The mighty universe is kind, it sends back in abundance what you offer to it. So pour out in abundance what you desire for yourself without remaining under tremendous pressure to get it. It will happen at the right time itself. Remember the cliched saying, when you smile the world smiles but when you cry you cry alone. It holds a great meaning for all of us hidden in it. So smile, be happy, treasure small joys of life, celebrate them, weave them in your heart as sweet memories and believe in the strength of your Karma.

Little joys do come unannounced like this divine abode of mine, my blog, made into Top 250 Indian Blogs 2019 Directory and I am so eternally grateful to the universe for recognising my earnest endeavour to contribute in being the face of positive change in our society, through the medium of my writings. How could I hold myself from sharing my ecstatic joy with you!

Truly Yours Roma

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