Wednesday 5 June 2019

6 Reasons Why The Movie BHARAT will Appease The Patriot In You

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bharat movie review

I am a patriot at heart and have had a suppressed patriotic vein in me from a tiny age when my mom narrated to me tales of bravery from our motherland’s past. The impact has been I leave no stone unturned to make my little contribution in my nation’s glorious future and I wish to groom my little one on similar lines like my mom, so I discover avenues to apprise him of our rich and varied history in many interesting ways and BHARAT seemed a perfect entertainer to do so. An Eid holiday further motivated me and I booked the two of us a special BHARAT date and I am glad I did so. 

The beautiful depiction of the life of a seventy year old man (whose dad named him BHARAT without a surname as a mark of respect for his country in post India Pakistan Partition days) from when he was a eight year old child and had to quit his home in Lahore with his mom and siblings leaving behind his dad and one younger sister, touched some deepest chords of my heart. The movie is about the sixty two years wait of this child for his dad at the store where he promised him to meet with his younger sister. Below I enumerate the six lessons the movie BHARAT teaches us:

  1. Take Pride in your history and culture: The movie touches upon how tattered and battered Britishers left us while we gained our independence. Partition further broke our backbone. It has taken our forefathers a fortune to aid us reach where we are today. We must value it and further contribute towards our motherland’s glorious present and future and not loose it under any circumstances.
  2. A Logical Communication can turn most difficult situations in our favour: Another aspect I loved about the movie is that BHARAT (portrayed by the macho man Salman Khan) tried to tackle the most difficult situations not by demonstrating his physical prowess but his logical intellect and wit stressing upon the fact that a logical communication has the invincible power to turn the tide of the time in our favour.
  3. When there is a will, we will discover a million ways: The protagonist of the movie supports his family from the mere age of eight... from doing all sorts of odd jobs to becoming a circus stuntman to fighting the sea pirates, he has exhibited great will power in finding avenues for fulfilling his family’s dreams.True when there's a will, you will surely find a way.
  4. The Power of Friendship, True Love and Family can make us move mountains: BHARAT’s mom and his lady love played subtly by the gorgeous Katrina Kaif and whom he choose not to marry to fulfil his family responsibilities better, are his two strong pillars of support who keep him going irrespective of all odds. Another most significant person in Bharat’s life is his childhood bestie played wonderfully by the talented Sunil Grover who never abandons him throughout his life.
  5. Don’t trade off your values for money until it is to build a strong nation: Loved the fact that BHARAT abandons his shop where his dad has promised to meet him in favour of the people who will get a mall made there and make a better living. The end of the movie has been kept realistic and I am glad it is this way, it makes it very relatable. 
  6. The power of media to unite the world is still the most under-utilised resource: I wish to specially mention the movie for bringing forward the role of such a strong female protagonist who apart from several other strong jobs, leads the mission to unite the families across the border. You must watch this movie to find out how media if used appropriately, is the most potent tool to unite the world. 

If all this appeals to you and this is the genre of your choice do watch the movie with your kids, your family. I personally liked it and choose to ignore the technical glitches and story-line flaws. The roles and beautifully fleshed out and all actors and actresses have done their job appropriately. The music scores are good and the movie has the power to keep you entertained for the entire duration with all ingredients of a commercial flick. Me and the little one loved it and I am glad he learnt something from it!

Our Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️ and a half stars!

Truly Yours Roma

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