Wednesday 22 May 2019

Why My Academy RCA Is My Identity and My Mission In Life

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I associate a lot of meaning to my life. It isn’t every one’s cup of tea to leave a crazily paying corporate job to embrace a passion and dedicate a valuable chunk of her life to it. Well, you can call me weird but that’s how I am, I have built a unique world for myself my academy for six to sixty year olds and this is the place which gives me the maximum solace. I take online and offline communication skills and personality development sessions the whole day and the deep desire for my passion still keeps me going on super-excitedly almost like a child. 

If at all anyone thinks this is to make money, they are sadly mistaken for I have multiple other avenues to earn. This is purely a vision and mission of my life. It is just my heart’s desire to aid as many kids, women and adults bridge the gap between their intellect and expression and carve out their own niche in the fields they wish to excel. Of course I charge a nominal fee and that’s for people to practice dignity of labour. Anyone unable to pay the fee can approach me too and I will groom you with equal vigour.

Nothing appeases my heart like making the tiny tots future ready with the 21st Century Skill set. Also because they are innocent souls who come to me as wet clay. Contributing in moulding them into worthy future citizens of India gives me a different kind of high, all the words of the universe put together would fail me to express. Grooming them gives my heart pure joy and contentment.

Trust me when I say this we can make children move mountains by pure love. I invest love in them and they give me heart warming returns in terms aiming to perform better and better which gives my heart pure joy and contentment. A world full of children helps me drown in their innocence and gives me energy to groom adults especially women who are fighting bigger demons in life. 

Being a crusader of women empowerment, the journey gets tough and lonely at times because of people’s trait of doubting genuine intention but I will not give up no matter how tough gets the going for I have risen above all appreciation or undeserved criticism for my work. 

For me my work, my academy, my writings give me most solace and that is how it is going to be forever 😊.
Truly Yours Roma

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