Tuesday 14 May 2019

Review of the Much Loved Global Family Edutainment Theme Park~Kidzania Mumbai

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KIdzania Review

I have been guilty of being over-involved in working on the manuscript of my fourth book and not able to give time to the kid at all during his summer vacations and he has really felt it to the extent that for the first time ever, he expressed it to me. I realized my folly and worked to correct it and planned some worthwhile surprises for him, one of which was to gift him a visit to Kidzania Mumbai, about which, we have heard a lot regarding the incomparable hands-on experience it gives to kids in umpteen industries and vocations. Honestly, I had no clue that it is going to be such an amazing and enriching experience before we stepped in there. In fact, I will not be exaggerating if I say Kidzania is the best thing I did to my kiddo this summers.

Kidzania is a unique kids’ city, where the currency is KidZos and all decisions to earn or spend are taken by kids as its citizens independently. It has more than 60 miniature technological replicas of real industries of outside world like Maruti Suzuki Driving Street, Pepperfry etc and more than hundred other role-play activities in real time simulations like an aircraft pilot, a Times of India news reporter, a RJ of Radio City, a policeman or a fireman and many many others for 4-16 year olds to experience them first hand. In some of them they have to spend money like on Mad Over Donuts, Kinder Joy or Frooti factory, etc. to learn a particular skill set and earn money to perform some other tasks like in being an RJ, Reporter, or in extinguishing the fire or courier delivery and many more. At the end, whatever is your overall earning you can buy a gift for yourself from the departmental store or save the money in your atm. Isn’t the concept valuable? For a day the kids get the feel of the nitty-gritty of the real world.

Review of KIdzania

My son was super stoked to venture the distinctive global theme park where he was greeted with a cheque of fifty kidZos which he must encash from Yes Bank to start transacting at different establishments. He decided to earn first so he took the map and identified what all professions he wishes to work on with the total kidZos he has.

kidzania mumbai

It was a packed Saturday afternoon and kids diligently waited in queues outside the mini establishments so the first chance he got was to be an RJ and host a special #MothersDay Radio Show at Radiocity 94.1 which he thoroughly enjoyed, remembered to collect the money he earned through his hard work and went to Parle Factory where he manufactured candies. He was thrilled to savor the candies made by himself and paid some of his kidZos to learn the skill.

Summer Vacation Must Visit for kids Kidzania

We had taken whole day passes for us, but were still sure that it was impossible for him to experience it all, so we let him choose some varied experiences to make it more enterprising for him. Next, he entered the Dettol hospital where he performed a liver transplant surgery on a dummy and learned greatly. This was followed by becoming a dubbing artist at Nickelodeon where he gave his voice for his favorite cartoon character in a professional setup. He was happy to earn too as a doctor and as a voiceover artist.

Next, he became a part of the Rising Star shoot on Colours TV where he auditioned and got selected to become a judge. He did a fabulous job evaluating the contestants which we parents enjoyed as the audience of the mega show. We all had crazy fun on the sets. It was lunch time by then and we enjoyed some pizzas in the picturesque food court situated there.

By this time the kid was on his own, so as he went and interviewed Shiamak Dawar as a Times of India Reporter, or went seeking a criminal as a Police officer or extinguished fire of a big hotel as a Fireman, we parents enjoyed at an exquisite parents’ lounge

There was no possibility that the kid gets lost as they had a band in their hand which they can swipe at any nearby kiosk to let us know where they are. This same band was used by them to check in for any activity. Also, there were extremely cordial and soft-spoken coordinators at every step to guide you and support you. This was great support for both parents and kids. 

As parents, we too enjoyed some special activities designed for us in between checking on our sunshine impeccably maneuver through poles apart role plays.

 I was touched when he spent 25 of his precious kidZos to work in Mad Over Donut outlet to make my favorite chocolate donut as a gift for #MothersDay. The experience of Inox Theatre which had Bollywood, Fashion and Music Industry as it’s part was worth cherishing too.

There were so many sweet memories we weaved that day and the kid got priceless knowledge of so many professions and vocations. I felt so good within, that I planned this visit to Kidzania Mumbai with him though it took us 2.5 hrs either side from Pune but trust me, it truly was worth it every which way. In fact, I recommend it to every parent to plan this rendezvous of your children with the real world at Kidzania Mumbai whether in summer vacations or otherwise. It is an absolute must, this is what I feel as a parent and as a coach and thus make this straight from the heart recommendation to you. It indeed is pure bliss and immense practical knowledge for all kids aged 4-16 under one roof! I am so impressed by the concept..Truly Yours Roma rates it a 10/10 destination, undoubtedly.

Truly Yours Roma

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