Tuesday 26 March 2019

Theme Reveal Global #AtoZChallenge 2019: Women Empowerment

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women empowerment

Hey Friends this is my fourth consecutive year at the coveted global ‘April to Z Challenge’ and though I am rejoicing and soaking myself in the pleasure of this grandest festival of writers or bloggers of all around the world like always, I was still in two minds just until a little while ago because April looks packed from multiple dimensions with the kiddo’s exams being my top priority and also it being the peak load month for my academy. But there is something that is pushing me hard not to give up this ritual for a purpose, I have been following against all odds for the last 3 years and so here I am announcing my participation to you all. Earnestly, it has been difficult each time but I had always pulled it through by the grace of Almighty. So sending out a prayer for best wishes to the universe, here I once again take the plunge.

When writing is like breathing to me why not write and so breathe and live for a purpose. How can I forget, the last 3, A to Z challenges have given me my three published books. It is a beautiful experience who only those who have taken a real dip into, experience and I have already been three times lucky so far. So without further adieu here I am announcing my theme for the esteemed challenge. Ladies and gentleman, hold your breath, I am ecstatic to share that once again this year, I am penning on the topic closest to my heart, ‘Women Empowerment’. 

All through April, you will get to hear from me true stories of real women around you..you will witness yourself in many of them, admire them and relate to all of them for sure. You will also get to hear beautiful takes on how empowered women empower women.

The purpose of this theme is not to fight any war against men but because I strongly believe that this world will undoubtedly become a better place to live in if we eradicate all crimes against women. It is my tiny contribution in waiting for the day when my child will not be told in the school or playground that he/she has to follow a certain behavior or protocol because of his/her gender when girls will play football and boys will be taught Indian classical dance forms.

Gender inequality is the fungus of our society and until we empower women from all social strata to become both financially and emotionally independent, we won’t progress the desired way. The goals are truly doable, just each one of us has to contribute in our own way. I trust all of you are with me on this. I may sound like a furious activist but we got to think people...

Please feel free to ask me as many questions as you want on the topic and I will be more than happy to help. Also if you yourself have a tale to tell pls feel free to DM me the same and I will love to feature you or keep you anonymous in enlightening the world with your story, whichever way you wish to.

Remember Women Empowerment is all about enabling a woman to stand up for herself, to be her own voice against the patriarchal society and break free from the shackles of long oppression she has faced. All she needs is a little ray of hope to hold on to reach the zenith of success. Are you ready to be that ray of hope?

Truly Yours Roma

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