Thursday 28 March 2019

I am proud of the way Sangeeta Boochra, Silver Centrre, the leading jewellery brand (now in Bengaluru) is contributing to Women Empowerment

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I am an ardent jewellery lover and have a fetish for exquisite timeless traditional pieces. The one I choose to adorn speaks volumes about me and is symbolic of my carefully chosen style statement. I pick my jewellery based on my mood and precious and semi-precious stone studded in sterling silver appease my heart like nothing else. I also like the fusion designs where the contemporary merges with some exotic.

 I have a crazy collection of some of the best pieces quite a few of which are from one of my most favourite Designer Sangeeta Boochra of Silver Centrre, Jaipur. They are the real pioneers of designer silver jewellery in India and are also responsible for putting it impressively on the global map. Their roots date back to 1897 and today they are the most well known and trusted brand amongst the Celebrities, Influencers , Stylists and the fashion addicts all over the globe. Being from Jaipur is it understood they bring great talent of the traditional experts behind the intricate, unique and adorable designs and I really love them all to the extent that every piece that I have bought for gifting, I have eventually ended up retaining it myself especially the jhumkees.

..And Voila! The great news is that this Global Jewellery Brand has just launched their new store in Bengaluru. Its opening was as humongous an event as the store itself. The place was studded with grandeur and ecstatic delight for the jewellery lovers who fell in love with the mesmerising designs as was evident from the smiles on their faces and the sheen on their temples. If you too want to pamper the fashionista in you and grab some of the finest pieces of designer jewellery, you may as well visit this store located on Kamaraj Road (image below).

Well, there is another reason I am a diehard fan of theirs and it undoubtedly is there worth emulating, functioning model. You will find it hard to believe that the designer Sangeeta Boochra herself visits the craftsman and artisans in their remotest village and recruits them to create masterpieces for her but the twist in the tale is that these artisans don’t have to travel to work to the 3 factories located in Jaipur, on the contrary, they are supplied raw materials in their homes, where the quality inspector validates their quality and the final products get picked from them.

This is ideal for the women residing in the villages who are gradually attaining economic independence through this. Isn’t it a real vital attempt in the right direction for Women Empowerment as financial independence lays the foundation for a person to be able to raise a voice against the oppression? Kudos to this thought process of the owners of the prestigious Silver Centrre chain.

Now I have double the reason to pick these gorgeous beauties from Sangeeta Boochra to my heart’s content. I have shared a lot of pictures of their designs suitable for both Indian and western wear, in this post. I am sure by now you too would have fallen in love with them as much as I had and Bengulurians you had all the reason to rejoice with this new store. What? You need address of the same. Here it is for you, go grab your favourite jewellery now ♥
Sangeeta Boochra | Silver Centrre
13 Kamaraj Road
Opp Mysore Silk Udyog
Off Commercial Street
Bengaluru - 560001
Mobile : 966-00000-37

Image Courtesy:  All the images used in this post are from the brand’s website and are meant to express some of the personal choices of the author.

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