Sunday 18 November 2018

I Have To Say This....Today, Now, Here ❤️

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Roma Gupta SInha

How have you been friends? Writing after a brief hiatus and need I say I really missed you. I always knew this place(my blog) was special but never knew all of you, your support, your kindness, your appreciation, and your vehement love will become my heart and soul to such an extent. Yes, I never knew you will become my driving force. 

The festive lethargy still lingers on but I felt a severe urge to get back to all of you here. No wonder you have kept me sane, focused and composed and today I am in all moods to express my gratitude to all of you from the bottom of my heart. I admit it today, I am nothing without you.


The feeling is 'happy happy' today and is that of overwhelming indebtedness, this moment is special for me, I have been conferred with Planet’s Pride Award 2018 by the Women Planet Foundation and the gorgeous trophy just arrived. I could not attend the event due to some pressing reasons but that doesn’t reduce the value of this noble national honor.

In fact to be nominated among the seven hundred women chosen from different walks of life from different parts of our country meant the world to me and I congratulate each one of them who is doing such a fantastic job in her own arena to the best of her abilities and being the face of positive change to the Indian Society. Awards and recognitions like these are a beautiful endorsement to the fact that we are sailing in the right direction and no matter how difficult the lonely path sometimes seems, we will keep taking firm steps in the right direction gradually and firmly.

Here’s a little video I did for you my dears. Words indeed fail me to express my gratitude to all of you, you are an inspirational bunch of friends and readers, anyone would ever crave for. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart. 

I Have To Say This....Today, Now, Here...'I owe it all to all of you, undoubtedly and thus I dedicate it to you!'
Truly Yours Roma

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