Thursday 8 November 2018

OkCupid, Find Me My Kinda Intellectual, Please!

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With open arms, I welcome the changing times and am bowled over in sheer admiration to how we, the otherwise old-fashioned conservative Indians, are breaking free from the clutches of forever concealing our thoughts deep in our hearts and seeking right companionship. Our evolution undoubtedly has been phenomenal. From just about a decade ago where most Indians only studied to either become and engineer or a doctor, today we embrace entrepreneurship and have the guts to convert our passion to our profession. We are clear with our goals and the risks associated with them and are ready to leave no stone unturned to make our dreams come true. The same paradigm shift is witnessed in our personal relationships too where we the educated, urban professionals, are pretty clear on what kind of a partner we desire. It has risen beyond looks for us, we look for substance, for intellectual for a certain skill set that makes him or her an ideal match for us. OkCupid is one such very successful, Newyork based, international online dating App which aids us make meaningful connections all over the world for over a decade, actually for 14 years now. It’s an absolutely delightful fun dating app whose sophisticated algorithms find the best match for you.
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Don’t believe me? Well, I didn’t either. Until I signed up and discovered its unique features which sets it apart. No wonder at the moment, this dating App, facilitates over 2 million connections in 113 countries every week, yes, every week. I can really understand why 57,000,000 daters have used #OkCupid since its inception in 2004. When I signed up it has literally asked me umpteen questions to enrich its machine based but deep and profound algorithms to get further refined in their search to recommend me a companion, a date, nearest to the traits I desire.
It’s sorted and exhaustive questions with respect to your acceptances, desires and choices were so fun and quirky to answer; I discovered several hidden layers to myself as we Indian girls are always taught to keep them suppressed, so we actually forget that they even exist. Though OkCupid Dating App India has been there for quite a few years now, its growth has mostly been organic so far, but now having refreshingly tweaked itself, to suit Indian needs further, it is seeking expansion which indeed is a blessing in disguise for us, shy Indians, who further retrieve into their shells when it comes to finding true love. Coming back to the questions, I really loved answering quite a few of them like are you seeking a normal or a weird companion? Well, I have been a weirdo for most of my life but I had never realised I would actually like my partner to be weird too (Grin!) apart from he being an intellectual, which is mandatory for me. So you see how many ifs and buts I have but now all I have to say is,
“OkCupid, find me, my kinda intellectual please!”
And like a genie it grants my wish with most compatible options. Voila, it not only grants my wish..but does that with so many options!

On a more serious note, it is this feature that gives this app an intellectual quality and its tag line #SubstanceOverSelfies which is exactly what most sorted individuals these days desire- a meaningful long term relationship not standing on the foundation of external beauty. What’s in a face?
Another significant feature of OkCupid, for all you women and even men out there, which I really want you to know, is their Safety and Privacy Options. Though OkCupid is an inclusive, diverse, non-judgemental and welcoming community of users, it has zero tolerance to any kind of abuse no matter how small. We can hide profile from a person who messaged us or even block him by a simple click and the flagged users get reviewed by a robust moderation team. A wow factor for me also is that all users take a pledge to be respectful before using this App. You can also stay in Incognito Mode to keep your active profile concealed from those whom you haven’t liked or messaged. Though this is not a matrimony App, you never know, if this is how the first step gets taken. For e.g. take a sneak peek into how Dhwani and Tushar met on OkCupid, in the screen shots below.

Images source: okcupid
Another fact I like about this App is that it keeps away unwanted creatures from signing up simply because of the long process of answering multiple questions to sign up which only someone seeking a worthy partner would invest his precious time and energy for, thus weeding off unnecessary requests and attention.
Well, these were some of the impressive features of this App, I wished to outline to you my precious readers. Earnestly, if you are a modern, fun loving and a quirky person who is looking for someone who shares some common beliefs, interests, likes and dreams like you and is ready for a meaningful worthy relationship and serious dating, to know each other better, OkCupid might just help you strike the Cupid. You can download it for free on web, ios or android with optional premium features available as “A List”. You may as well love to follow them on instagram here or download them on your phone here: iOS and playstore.
Truly Yours Roma

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