Tuesday 23 October 2018

A Worthy Hangbag Is The Best Accessory For A Woman

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I absolutely adore the month of October and November not only because the former marks my birthday but also as I love the festive air and joy which these two months bring to us. Navratras, Dandiya, Dussehra, Diwali, there are so many occasions to celebrate and deck ourselves up gorgeously. As much as I love dressing up, I also love accessorising myself perfectly to stand out of the crowd. No, the girlie desires have refused to budge though I have comfortably crossed my thirty mark and my all time most favourite accessory is a bag. They add oodles to your overall look undoubtedly.
I virtually use every kind of bag but mostly my favourites are a sling bag, a tote or a formal ladies bag. I feel a ladies’ bag talks aeons about the personality of the woman carrying it whether she prefers bold and bright or subtle and sleek etc. For me, it mostly depends on my mood on which basis I pick up my outfit and a matching bag. But sometimes it’s vice versa too when wishing to flaunt a particular bag, I choose my dress accordingly. Yes, a bag is that important! It is a necessity which actually aids us to carry all that we wish to plus it also accentuates our style quotient.
I am literally a sucker of adorable bags and I indulge both in online and offline shopping for the same exorbitantly and love to collect masterpieces. So in today’s post, I will like to introduce you to an online shopping portal I landed something back know as ‘Baginning’ (innovative name, isn’t it?)because I absolutely loved the range of bags they have. I was bowled over in sheer admiration by their variety and colours. The impulsive and impressed me quickly zeroed on a tote I wanted to immediately own it but I decided to check their reviews to ensure the bag was really worth the price I am paying. Well, the reviews were brilliant and once I was totally satisfied, I fulfilled my desire. The bag that came was genuinely adorable.

So when it was my birthday and festival time again this year, I decided to get back to them and found their latest collection worthy every ounce and fortunately I again landed on a masterpiece I can flaunt during these months. That is when I decided to introduce them to all of you, my precious readers. They are indeed a one-stop destination for all your bag needs. If are looking to pamper yourself with a really gorgeous ladies handbag, they are indeed worth it!

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