Monday 29 October 2018

A Mom’s Instinct and Appropriate Knowledge on Facts can do Wonders for her Little Munchkin like Mother Sparsh Does

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Isn’t knowledge our strongest weapon today? The more I read the more I feel how less I knew. I have always been a mommy who has acted very strongly on her instincts, the divine power God has entrusted every mom with but with time I had realised its actually a balance between right knowledge plus what a mom's heart says is right for her little precious, that can do wonders for her baby and this knowledge too needs up gradation from time to time.

For example, diaper rashes may sound as something trifle but I have battled it for really long. For long I tried to find solutions by changing diapers and even endlessly alternating it with cotton nappies. Diaper rash cream too couldn’t do my inconsolable little one any benefit. That’s when I decided to know the root cause. An extensive research landed me on the below video which enumerated the root cause of the rashes. I was really taken aback by the number of germs left in a perfectly washed cloth which we presume is the safest for our babies delicate skin. I share it below with all of you.

Also, I discovered that the cause can be baby wipes I have been using and not just the cloth of the diaper. These wipes often contain sting chemicals like parabens and alcohol which can be very harmful to the baby’s delicate skin any cause his rashes and unbearable discomfort. The little soul is actually really tiny and is too young to bear the brunt of her mom’s ignorance who has done her best to give her peanut nothing short of the best. But she wasn’t really aware.

The solution is water-based wipes made of organic plant fibre which have the goodness of Aloe Vera to keep it safe and comfortable for our little one’s tender skin... like the ones from Mother Sparsh who are the pioneers of water based wipes in India which are clinically proven to be the best for the babies and are dermatologically approved and flame test assured for their content.

Switching to them undoubtedly brings noticeable comfort to the little one’s diaper rashes so if you are battling the same, don’t just change your diapers but also change your wipes for our little precious who means the world to us should remain safe from harmful chemicals and gets the best of health gifted to it most gently and mildly, the Mother Sparsh way.

In my own personal experience, Mother Sparsh baby wipes are paediatrician recommended water-based wipes made of plant fibre and enriched with aloe vera goodness. They are an ideal go-to solution for every momma even when our little one grows up to wipe their hands and faces and mouth. They are handy and can be carried in our handbag. As for me, I love using them for myself too. During the journey, they are my go-to resort to get rid of sweat and dirt. Every day before going to bed, they are also the best to rid us of all the makeup residues and unwanted foreign particles on our faces. So you see how my permanent solution for diaper rashes is also a multi-purpose super utility gift to all of us from Mother Sparsh, which is 'India's First Water Based Wipes Brand'. How you tried them yet, mum?

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