Friday 14 September 2018

Why My Heart Is Locked Down For The Unique Music Reality Show LOCKDOWN on ZEE5?
My precious readers, today I bring to you something really unique and sensational, and if you are crazy about music like me, this one’s undoubtedly going to appease your heart and soul. Rap Singer and composer Badshah makes his debut as a producer to present a unique music reality show called Lockdown which literally, lockdowns two music heartthrobs. In this challenge, a popular Bollywood singer and a digital singing superstar have exactly 24 hours to recreate popular songs into two music videos in various exotic locations of India for an entire package of an incredible experience.

I was in love with the concept instantly. This music reality show is already running successfully on ZEE5, and I have watched the episodes on repeat, on my phone, and still, my heart’s thirst for more has not been satiated. However, their fourth episode released on 31st August 2018, and this one truly has bowled me over as it features two of my most favourite singers - Neha Bhasin and Harrdy Sandhu and their lovely pairing have turned out to be a phenomenal experience.

I am an ardent fan of Neha Bhasin and have been following her since her VIVA band days. Whether it was Jag Ghoomeya, Dil Diya Gallan or Swag Se Swagat, I have always felt drawn to her unconventional voice. Harrdy Sandhu, on the other hand, has stolen my heart with his songs like Naah, Soch and Joker. His soulful and heart-warming voice suits both sad and peppy songs with equal ease. To be frank, I could have never thought of pairing these two voices, especially since they are quite different in their styles. But Lockdown did manage to do so to a pure WOW effect. Thus, this episode of Lockdown turned out to a complete surprise, and I am loving it and it was shot in the scenic locations of my favourite holiday destination in North India -  Mcleodganj near Dharamshala..

It was absolute fun to watch Neha and Harrdy discuss, why they chose to recreate and make a music video on the legendary song - ‘Akhiyaan Udeek Diyan’ which was originally a Qawwali, into a duet, in less than 24 hours. They looked awesome together, and I felt ecstatic to hear and watch their rendition of these lovely songs. Even with the Khair Mangdi song, the duo manages to give the original melancholic aura a peppy twist. Shot at the Rock Cut Temple at Mcleodganj, the earthy backdrop, their striking costumes and mesmerising voices spell magic in the music video.

The whole setup feels grand, and the show demonstrates the ability to keep its audience glued to it and wanting to get more in the coming episodes. I can vouch for this show, and at the moment it is my favourite music reality show. You too can soak your heart in some unparalleled fun and music, by watching this show currently, on ZEE5.

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