Friday 14 September 2018

Worship The Shrine Of Your Soul ~ Love And Pamper Your Body

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In my last post, in the inspiration series, I had spoken to you about the deep healing power of staying positive and happy always. It cleanses and rejoices our soul and makes our life beautiful and worth every ounce. Like we take care of our heart and soul I also firmly believe that we must nurture the shrine of our soul which is our body. We must take pride in staying healthy and fit and take care of our health, our skin, our hair, our hands and feet, in fact, every part of our body. Don’t we feel really good if we flaunt ourselves as a gorgeous beauty, of course, all of us do and that should always be the spirit.

Happy Happy Glowing Me!

Like I had always ensured I stay positive and happy spreading some beautiful smiles all the way, I also make sure I look my best especially on some very special days like the Hartalika Teej fast this week where we women fast 24 hours without a drop of water or a morsel of food for the long lives of our husbands. We dress up beautifully for the occasion and offer earnest prayers to God and Goddess Shiva and Parvati. The preparations start in advance and thus this time I had decided to pamper myself with the best beauty services from the veterans in the beauty industry, VLCC at their Pimple Saudagar, Pune Centre.

Felt Gorgeous the VLCC Way!

While I usually allow the specialists there to examine my skin and hair to suggest the most value-adding services accordingly, this time I had made a pre-request for my hair which have all of a sudden grown very brittle and wanted a really effective eureka to grant them back their lost sheen and strength.

Those Hair courtesy Olaplex Treatment

So the line of services the beauty manager suggested me was an Olaplex Treatment for my hair, a very popular and extremely praised service in their kitty, a Charcoal facial for my face and an Ultra Luxury Deep Sea Collagen Hands & Feet Spa. The cordial staff also apprised me of the total time they would take for the services so that I can plan my day accordingly.

I am an age-old customer to VLCC right from my pre-wedding days and I can vouch for their awesome services if given through the best hands. As I took the services I also did a few live videoes on my social media handles so that you can get to know how the services felt like. Well, the services which left me most impressed and my pictures undoubtedly will speak volumes about them, were the Olaplex Treatment for my hair and the Charcoal Facial.

My Teej Look

As I changed and relaxed for my facial, I was informed that Charcoal Facial products are made of natural ingredients like Charcoal extract, Glucose, soybean, Lemon oil which are known for detoxifying, rejuvenating and brightening skin. The Charcoal basically helps in removing oil and dirt from your skin pores and revitalises your skin. I have no doubts in saying that it indeed was one of the best facial experiences I have had so far. Their beautician did a fantastic job in relaxing me with her massage and the glow I got the next day said it all. I flaunted my pictures everywhere and the compliments didn’t stop pouring in.

After the facial, their hair therapist took over the reigns of my hair makeover. I was very sceptical as well curious about what they were doing to my falling hair. They told me that Olaplex is a hair care treatment that helps construct better hair structure and repairs the damage done to your bleached or coloured hair and that’s what would do real wonders for me at the moment. It is also used while colouring to prevent the damage done during the process. As I patiently enjoyed the perfection of their hairdresser, immediately after I could witness impressive lustre in my hair. He also worked a bit on my hair and rendered them a perfect style for my Teej look.

During the process, it was a pleasure chitchatting with the centre head and the marketing manager and I was bowled over with how impeccably they took great care of their customers despite the festive season rush. Kudos to their management and service.

I also enjoyed their ultra-luxury collagen deep sea feet spa which promises a six-fold promise for us. They possess marine collagen for hydration, Fruit AHA's for Tan Removal, Potassium Hydroxide for Dead Skin Removal, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Pre Vitamin B5 for Nourishment and Lemon Tea Tree Oil for Deodarization.

Overall the experience was worth of me writing about them. They deserved the praise for their prompt service and professionalism and above all for the glow and gorgeousness they gave me from head to toe which I flaunted in abundance during my Teej Celebrations.

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