Sunday 2 September 2018

5 Significant Reasons Why I Customized My Version of Rakshabandhan

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I am a deep-rooted Indian at heart who values her meaningful festivals a lot and celebrates them to the best of her abilities. I also make my little one understand the significance of each so that he grows up too with a strong knowledge of why we celebrate them.... but sometimes I have to customise a couple of set norms of our adorable festivals to suit them to today’s times. For example, my little one does not understand why a sister ties Rakhi to brother and why doesn’t a brother tie Rakhi to her? All of us have at least once in our lives become self-proclaimed activists against gender inequality but by celebrating it in its traditional form we are somehow imbibing just that in the coming generations. But should that stop us from celebrating the significant keepsake of one of the loveliest bond of a brother and sister?
For me Rakshabandhan has two important meanings. In today’s fast-paced world where our jobs and marriages have already thrown us, siblings, apart to distant places, Rakshabandhan is that one day where me and my brother meet no matter how adverse the circumstances are, to celebrate our special being and relive our childhood once again and also share some heart to heart banter, promising to stay with each other in thick or thin. Thus we have reasons to look forward to it from umpteen months before. Sibling love indeed is special and I feel blessed to have a wonderful brother.
For my own kiddo, the next generation zen kid, also a single child, Rakshabandhan is the promise to take care of each other. Not for a single moment ever since he had been very tiny I have let him sulk in the fact that he doesn’t have a sister. Every Rakshabandhan, all three of us, sonny, mommy and daddy, fondly tie Rakhi to each other promising that we will do Raksha of each other in both bad and good times and will cherish our Bandhan forever. Of course, sweets and gifts follow as we celebrate the lovely customs of this beautiful day.
Celebrating it with the most wonderful people still standing firm on the principles of life I stay firm on, gives me unparalleled ecstatic joy for I have imbibed the right values in my son and nephew both single children but who haven’t been taught to fret on this lovely day but to make the most of the existing relationships.
I also love the idea of following the same emotions of tying Rakhi to God, again an age-old custom but what a way to express your gratitude to Almighty above for bestowing his grace on the mortal me. Rakshabandhan thus is a beautiful day of celebrating the special bonds in your life conferred by the heavens above, just celebrate it wisely and impart the right wisdom around it to your little ones to be able to take our esteemed culture ahead suitably♥️.

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