Friday 31 August 2018

Four Ways A Big Time Foodie Can Overcome his/her Dilemmas

4 ways a foodie can overcome his dilemmas
See the reflection of the cake I loved in my glasses

Earnestly, friends, this article is a big time confession I wish to make to all my loved ones and I have to write this to threaten myself with the dire consequences of my indulgences. Okay! I am a die-hard foodie and I really love eating. When I am very happy I eat as well as when I am very sad I equally indulge and the repercussions are on my health.

After ages, I had spent fifteen painless days, after the veteran gynaecologist (my fifth is last ten years) has put me on best treatment she could give to my health condition and asked me to promise her that I will eat good and workout. I am earnest in my attempt to follow all she had told and have practised Yoga every single day. But last few days I messed up, I started appeasing myself on my Blog Birthday with a drool-worthy fully-loaded Chocolate Truffle Pastry and last night I indulged in street food with kiddo for his after exam party and the result was sleepless painful night and yes my fibroid and endometriosis acute cramps have hit back and I am confined to bed writing my third article in a row... and it’s all because of my own lack of discipline, a virtue that I teach the students of my academy, so profoundly.

So the fact is this foodie has to give up food, all lip-smacking, heart-satisfying food termed unhealthy by the so-called dietitians. What a dilemma it is to someone who has extremely accentuated taste buds. I can’t believe I haven’t had pani-pooris for ages now and I guess I will have to give them up forever. I can’t effort to mess up with my diet and have to fall more in love with my body than my food😛. I have to do it for my own good health and also for my loved ones who have to bear the brunt of my frequent trips to the hospital.

So I have decided the below four-fold simplest action plan to immediately overcome my dilemmas as a foodie who loves dining out, as the first step.

  1. Inspired by my dear friend Mayuri’s 21 Days No Sugar Challenge, I will start on Monday, that is 3rd September, a 21 day not eating out challenge followed by 21 days no chocolate challenge both actually very difficult for me but I will try with one day at a time and also update my status as Instagram stories.
  2. I will do Yoga at least 5 days in a week and be strict with myself with the asanas I have been asked to avoid.
  3. I will home cook the healthier version of whatever craving I have for food and appease the foodie in me, aiding my taste buds to adjust gradually.
  4. I will forcibly avoid unhealthy munching at all costs which happens to be my biggest weakness.

So this crazy foodie is giving out this message to the universe and to all of you, my precious, that she is ready to abide by her health rules, please stay with me, give me the positive energy and strength to maintain the discipline and rules I have set for myself.

With this post I pledge to be a healthy foodie and time to time I shall update you about how well I kept my promise. All of you have been my family and thus I shared my heart with you candidly. Please feel free to share your thoughts and guide me further.
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