Sunday 12 August 2018

Nothing Is As Precious As Your Little Bundle of Joy's Sleep and Smiles

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Being a new mom is the trickiest business in the world and you would be astonished to hear it from someone who has been at the helm of business development for over a decade with a major Swedish MNC before embracing motherhood big time. I was proud of my methodical way of dealing with issues that quite didn’t go my way and finally reach a perfect solution but mommy-hood to my surprise turned out to be a different cup of tea.
With just the two of us, me and husband at home with our little precious, it was heartbreaking to see our kiddo crying the whole night without an iota of sleep, with we absolutely having no clue what went wrong and trust me every time the cause turned out to be crazily different from the previous occasion. When we thought it is colic and administered him colicaid drops, a visit to the Pediatrician next morning proved he had nasal congestion, and we were left sulking and more guilty each time. Often tears welled up in my eyes feeling helpless not to be able to pacify my wailing little prince but such is priceless motherhood I guess, where experience matters like any other walk of life.
It’s only gradually that we became hands on parents thanks to the wonderful superpowers the doctor equipped us with, for example he taught us, every time our baby had a blocked nose, we can hear it from his breath by careful observation as he would be trying to breathe from mouth while the babies of 0-1 year of age are obligatory nose breathers for a long time. Nasal Congestion or Rhinitis as it is called not only deprives the little angel from his priceless sleep but also the lack of sleep makes him cranky also affecting his feeding cycle and thus overall health. Which is why it must be treated on priority. Since common cold and nose blocks are common in our little ones, our pediatrician introduced us to a perfect solution to this problem, Nasivion Nasal Saline Solution(which can be safely used by anyone) as our first line of treatment and it indeed worked wonders for our little peanut who often had cold. If the problem aggravated then after consulting the doctor, one can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child, is what he always told us and we have stuck to these words under all circumstances.
It offered great relief to our little baby and we were so heartened to see our little bundle of joy get back his vital sleep and smiles, the only thing a new parent craved for. To be doubly sure and check for the side effects, we researched a little bit about it and found that its primary constituent is Oxymetazoline, which is known to be the most effective and reliable solution for blocked noses for decades. What is most impressive is its tolerability for the little noses causing them absolutely no harm. Oxymetazoline without preservatives while relieving the nasal congestion does not interfere at all with the cilia inside the nose (hair) which keeps the nose clean.
Thus our trust on Nasivion has only grown day by day and it has always been in our medicine chest forever. Why let our little heart bear so much discomfort when we have an impeccable solution. As the kiddo crossed his first birthday we have switched to Nasivion 0.025 % from Nasivion 0.01 % which can be used from one to six year olds, as per the dosage prescribed by the pediatrician. It is monsoon time again and the rain will bring along more susceptibility to cold and flu, it is thus imperative to be a smart mommy and equip oneself with this basic medicine to let the little angel enjoy his food and sleep to perfection.
Truly Yours Roma recommends Nasivion to everyone based on her own usage of it over years. I trust you will find it absolutely useful too.
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