Tuesday 28 August 2018

It’s My Blog Baby's Birthday Today and I am on CloudNine

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Pics & This Lovely Celebration Courtesy: My Dear Friend Deepika Srivastava
Life is nothing but a sinusoidal wave which gently glides you between highs and lows and once we embrace the maturity to keep ourselves balanced and motivated between either of the two extremes, this world becomes a better place. I have been able to do this after a lot of effort and am elated to be in a peaceful happy zone at the moment. Well, the reasons may be umpteen like I just celebrated Rakshabandhan with my only sibling after six long years and it was such a memorable time for the two of us reliving our childhood memories.

Another significant reason is my blog baby, the softest piece of my heart, my reflection, my sacred space, my mini world TrulyYoursRoma.com turns 4 today and oh my what a journey it has been. I have lived a million emotions of happiness and otherwise with it and it has been a precious witness of how spectacularly time has evolved me as a writer and then an author of three books. Every time I have been down and out, I have poured my heart out to it blatantly and have pacified my wretched soul and have thus found a way out of the situation through the self introspection it has taught me through it’s valuable readers who have always showered buckets of love on both of us. All that I have given this baby of mine in the last four years is a lot of honesty and immense love and it had reciprocated innocently by rewarding me with the due of mothering it. Well like a new mom, I had made mistakes but it has given me space and time to correct myself and not repeat it.

It is undoubtedly my biggest and most precious possession till date and can undoubtedly be called my identity in the digital world. I love the fact when people don’t recognize me as Roma at an event, but they immediately know and connect with Truly Yours Roma, I am happy being called by its name. I wanna let know this baby of mine today that how much I love him and shall always endeavor to publish nothing short of the best on it. Also I apologies to it for making it near the brunt whenever something untoward happens and ignoring it for considerable times and leaving almost all of my writings in draft mode. I promise you to be more sorted and more careful to you dear...

Happy is a small word
For how immensely warm and ecstatic I feel today
Well I have all the reasons to celebrate
It’s my blog baby’s birthday

A journey which I began years ago
With a pen, paper and a heart full of emotions
which flowed out in poetry and prose
Has brought me to this beautiful juncture on life’s crossroads

After scribbling my heart on every single
bit of paper I could grab for decades
Four years ago, I gave birth to my blog baby
And gave it all that I had, my feelings soaked in all the words of the universe 

It reciprocated adorably to my warmth and care
And took me places, I could have never imagined
It showed me the zenith of success and appreciation
It aided me carve my identity like nothing else has ever done

It has been my guiding light
My child who has embraced me innocently every time I cried
To it I shared it all
And was up and smiling after facing the fall

Happy Birthday my precious one
You keep alive my smiles to the world when I will be gone
Thank you for giving me all that you had
You are and will always remain the softest piece of my heart... 

Last but not the least both me and my baby are extremely grateful to all of you for being with us always and reading us and appreciating us. We are nothing without you..onour fourth birthday we only promise you to get better and better and entertain you to the best of our abilities on varied topics.

With failing words Truly Yours Roma expresses her gratitude to all of you ♥️

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