Tuesday 31 July 2018

5 Types of Dresses I absolutely Love to Flaunt

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If you know me, you know how my much I love to get decked up on all occasions no matter how big or small♥️. Otherwise a lethargic writer bundled up on a couch with her laptop...but my love for gorgeous outfits is incomparable. 

What you may not know is, I am a very meticulous researcher of the best global trends and international online shopping hubs which provide nothing short of the best at a reasonable price.

Though I am mostly clad in western outfits as they seem to be my second skin, I equally love to adorn myself in traditional Indian attires provided they are designed impeccably but yes that’s rare. Short and fitting western clothes are my comfort wears and I love styling them multiple ways.

Thus, today I thought of sharing with you the 5 kinds of dresses I love to clad myself in any which day with utmost ease and enhanced glamour.

  1. Bodycon Dresses: The first and the foremost are short bodycon dresses that hug me like your second self and accentuate my feminism. Well, the color of the outfit plays a pivotal role, though I love bold colors but the flashy aren’t for me. I believe that, buying stylish outfits may not always drill a hole in your pocket, you can buy cheap bodycon dresses from where I buy them.
  2. Denims: When it’s not my day I make it mine by just wearing a denim with a white, black or red and all my greys vanish away. A good pair of denim jeans, a denim mini and a denim shorts are a must have for a girl no matter what shape and size you are. It is a trend that would never ditch you lovelies 😊
  3. Shift Dresses: When I am in no mood for a makeup and accessories and want only my attire to do the trick and turn heads on I would normally flaunt short or long shift dresses in sunshine colors and leave the rest simple. 
    shift dresses
  4. Halter neck Solid tops: I like to flaunt a lot of halter neck tops in solid colors and pair them with printed bottoms. You can club them with shrugs or style them with designer crop tops too, to give yourself a new look.
  5. An off shoulder or a cold shoulder dress: In recent times if there’s been a trend that has fascinated every single way of a woman’s dressing, it is the cold shoulder or off shoulder trend. I love to add lacey stuff to it to get a perfect diva look for may be a vacation or a date. It is an absolute must have for me and I have a lot of them in my closet already.
    cold shoulder dresses
I am an online fashion freak and I often pick my outfits from Fashionme. What I love the most about them is for most of their outfits you have sizes S to 3XL so one doesn’t have to sulk because of this. In case you have a similar choice for your wardrobe their ongoing humongous sales might entice you. Check them out!
Truly Yours Roma
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