Monday 6 August 2018

8 Reasons That Make A Mom Pick Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes Over Others

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why you should choose Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

It isn’t easy to be a new mom. I almost went crazy with the sudden onslaught on newer responsibilities whose list seemed to be unending. But motherhood is a precious experience, after the few days of being a clumpsy mom, the usual perfectionist me took over the reins to be in total control of the situation and armed myself with the momma’s magical Kitty which had quick fix tools for all of my baby needs without me being frantic and exhausted to death.

One such strong momma’s tools I absolutely adore are baby wipes. Well, we only call them baby wipes, they actually are much more, they are my best companions even till present day and you will always find a pack of them in my bag. Even as your kiddo grows, these wet wipes are always handy. Recently, we were in Kashmir and little sonny puked. The wipes aided me to pat him clean and pacify the flabbergasted little one.

Initially I was pretty naive, I didn’t research much on the kinds and the ingredients used in the wet pipes. I soon realized that the wipes I used were lotion based which have chemicals such an alcohol or parabens which can be harmful to baby’s skin. The reason I dug into the ingredients of the baby wipes too much was the strong perfume in them. They may irritate a baby’s delicate skin and can cause allergies. I immediately switched to Baby Water Wipes, just like cotton and water from Mother Sparsh and I have enough reasons for this informed decision:

1.    They are extremely gentle on Baby’s Skin: Made of 100% plant fabric, these wipes are 98% pure water and they are specially formulated for super soft and delicate skin of the little precious.
water baby wipes

2.   They are velvety soft: They are unbeatable in their softness and clean and caress the baby skin safely and effectively almost like a mom, what else can I crave for.
Review Of Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes

3.   Dermatologically Tested: These wipes are dermatologically tested which helps them preventing diaper rashes and redness. This is something which has bothered me for the longest time and I am glad we now have a perennial solution.

4.   Hypoallergenic, ph balanced and alcohol free: If your little one has an allergic skin this one is especially for you. Mother Sparsh baby wipes save your little bundle of joy from any skin infections and allergies caused due to the chemicals which may be present in other baby wipes.

5.   Has Purified Water, Aloe Vera extract and Jojoba oil as it’s main ingredients: These constituents render your baby skin (which looses moisture five times faster than the adult skin),  desired hydration and care.

6.   Has no parabens and are 100% biodegradable: It’s an icing on the cake, if while taking care of your baby, we are also able to take care of our Mother Nature. The fact that these wipes are 100% biodegradable definitely makes them earn brownie points from a momma like me♥️.

7.   They can be used from a new born baby to any age: These baby wet wipes are good to be used even for a new born any number of times for they are as mild as cotton dipped in water.

8.   User Friendly Safe Packaging: Mother Sparsh Clinically Proven Water wipes come in a resealable pack which keep all the moisture of the remaining wipes intact if closed back properly after removing each wipe.

In my own experience, these wipes are marvelous, thin and soft having fragrance of freshness and no added perfume, I undoubtedly recommend it to one and all. Priced as very easy on our pocket you can grab them at Amazon and all other online chains too♥️.

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