Tuesday 8 May 2018

Every Mom is a Master Chef for their little Peanuts

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Well, undeniably motherhood teaches you a million things. Each one of you will agree we were a different person before we heard the soft cry and felt those tiny pink fingers and toes. No words can explain how our world changes when we first hold our little bundle. We learn how to feed them, how to keep them warm, how to clean them and how to keep them safe, such strong are the emotions and instincts of a mom. Sometimes, I am amused at the things and skills I have embraced knowingly and unknowingly to give the kiddo nothing short of the best and I am sure this phenomenon is just not restricted to me only.

I admit though I was never a bad cook, cooking is probably the only skill I had never enjoyed. Also, I never felt the pinch as my hubby was quite a pro cook so my taste buds always got satiated by a sumptuous treat. However, when little A was born and grew up a bit, I faced the real music. The child was like his dad and not only had culinary inclinations but also his tongue liked devouring multiple tastes and I had a humungous challenge of integrating nutrition into each of the recipes. The task got even more difficult with the kiddo being a picky eater so I had not many weapons in my kitty but gradually yet firmly I became the master chef of my home who works on several possible permutations and combinations to develop new power packed nutritious combos.

Sharing some personal favorites meal for the day from this indigenous Master Chef, that never lets me down. The first and the foremost are Rolls. One can’t imagine the endless possibilities one can embed in a Chapattis Rolls meal. To make it the most wholesome I make it with Aashirvaad Atta with multigrains to pack together goodness, fibre and nutrients of 6 essential grains, ground together in appropriate quantities to render it a perfect taste. Since we are eggetarians, I prefer to chop onions, tomatoes and capsicum into very fine pieces and beat them with an egg and salt and pepper. Cook the chapatti both sides spreading beaten egg over it on a nonstick with half a tea spoon cooking oil. The egg makes the roll very soft and it remains this way in the Tiffin after several hours too. Now the outer layer of your Roll is ready with power packed multigrain flour chosen from the best fields all over the country and goodness of egg and veggies. Next apply a generous layer of cheese or mayonnaise over the inside egg side of the roll and put whatever vegetable you have cooked for the day- potato, peas, mushrooms etc., variety shall be the key every day. Add a few drops of sauces of your choice (I am a miser with this step as I deliberately avoid routine usage of stuff having preservatives) on top and sprinkle a little Mexican or any other Masala of your choice and roll it. One of these rolls will not only satiate your kid’s taste buds and keep him full for hours but also fulfil many of his nutritional needs and help build his immunity as she/he would eat well. Tell them it has inside the veggie of their choice and play with the rest.

Depending on what time of the day you are giving it or how hungry the kiddo be increase or decrease the size of the roll. The Rolls are extremely yummy even if you don’t put another cooked veg inside and can be eaten as it is. The vital micro nutrients rich multi-grain Atta used itself has sufficient proteins for your offspring’s daily requirement. .

 Also if you don’t eat egg just soften the dough with a few drops of cooking oil before rolling it and make Nutrela rolls full of protein with the same recipe while if you are a non-vegetarian adding few pieces of leftover chicken dish will work like an icing on the cake.

I also make Chapatti Pizzas with my Aashirvaad Atta with multigrains and they are super yum and very easy to make like the above rolls. Take two small dough balls and roll them into very thin circular slices and use the above-beaten egg with veggies between them to make a thick egg stuffed Pizza Base. Spread the Pizza Base sauce over it and grated mozzarella cheese in good quantity. They put mildly steamed chopped veggies over and bake a little(not mandatory)or cook on non-stick and add salt,oregano and black pepper to taste.

So these are some of my quick power packed lip-smacking favorites. Enough of bragging girl, well actually the real master chef of our home is my trust of years, the multigrain Atta from Aashirvaad, true to its name, which gives me the superpowers to strike a perfect balance in fulfilling my family’s nutritional requirements as well as satiating their taste buds. Do you have this Aashirvaad too?

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