Sunday 15 April 2018

No, I Am Not Only A Writer, Wife and Mom... ( 7 Less Known Things About Me)

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Continued from the series 'Some Extraordinary Slices of My Ordinary Life' here : Part1,  2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9 ,10, 11,12 and 13

One life undoubtedly isn’t enough if you have a heart full of passion for everything. My friends say I am an open book and after this almost autobiographical series, all of you can as well say the same. While it isn’t easy to weave the minutest details of your life on a public portal, these probably are the repercussions of being an extrovert and on top of that a writer. So today I decided to write on less known things about me. I love doing them as much as writing (ok I accept a little less maybe) just that some of them have got buried under the layers of time and for others, probably I don’t devote them enough time but I love them equally and each acts as a saviour in times of need.
  • I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer: Brought up in Trichy in TamilNadu for my initial years, I have learnt Bharatnatyam from the age of five. I went pretty strong at it for years before dad was transferred back to North and my mum felt I must focus more on my studies and my goals in life. I really enjoyed it and performing on stage gave me my first set of confidence doses. My teacher Suhasini felt I was doing a disaster by abandoning the art form for she felt I was really good at it. Given a choice today I will love to revive this skill of mine. I still shake a leg on occasions and whatever little I do, I owe my roots to the classical dance training I did when I was small.
  • I love singing: Ok, I admit I am not very good at it, nor am I a trained singer but I just love singing. It is my most favorite form of rejuvenation and rhythm to my soul. I am an ardent old Hindi songs fan and know more than 2000 songs by heart. You just have to switch on my button and you will have a non-stop sound bar driving you crazy until you really run away and mind it, it is all absolutely free of cost (grin!). My poor boys they keep meekly appreciating me when karaoke gets high on my mind so that they don’t break my heart.
  • I like sketching and painting: I am in awe of the myriad shades a paint brush can create. Sometimes at leisure I paint with my little boy because painting gives us limitless possibilities to bring down our imagination on a canvas and this is our second most favorite pass time together after swimming. I like making portraits and caricatures too. Over the years, the short tempered me had learnt to control her heart’s turmoil and not spitting harsh words, rather channelise that energy to paint her anger on a white sheet. This immediately calms you and converts the negative energy to creative juices.
  • Swimming is my favorite form of workout: I have a severe tendency of weight gain. Sometimes I feel I gain weight even if I accidentally swallow extra air, thus it is imperative that I have to always keep myself challenged with different forms of workout. Out of all the one which also acts as a great stress buster is swimming for me. I just love swaying freely in water like a fish and have on my own learnt all different strokes of swimming watching you tube videoes. The tans I get due to Chlorine in pool waters are miserable but when has these factors stopped me from doing what I absolutely love. Swimming is like our family sport, we indeed are absolute water animals.

  • I know many languages: People get offended when you tell them that they are jack of all trades, but when someone says this to me, I find it the greatest compliment. Yes, I am undoubtedly a jack of all trades and master of some. Frequent transfers of dad and my own international assignments have made me pick up a lot of languages and I enjoy speaking them thoroughly. I am not very fluent at them but beyond English and Hindi, I know Tamil, Gujrati, Rajasthani, Marathi, Japanese, French and German and a few more as well , so I am actually multi-lingual.
  • I love photography: When on a vacation, this is what I love to do most to the extent of irritating both S and A search of a perfect capture, I walk miles. This has reduced over time I guess and I need to revive it. I also love getting clicked really wonder why. I also love taking long strolls on beaches.
  • I love decorating my house : The recluse that I am, quite contrary to my image on social media, I am a total home person and what I love doing the most in my spare time, which is sparingly less, is to decorate my home sweet home. I choose everything about it, all interiors, everything with utmost care and love to create cozy corners, the me mine kind of space. I also love gardening and maintain a small terrace garden in my balcony. Apart from cooking, which my boys ace at, I am in charge of everything at my place and I love to do it till perfection. You haven’t expected any of the above from me right, or did you? But that’s how everyone is, we have some special layers to ourselves which are only for us, happy to share them will all of you ♥️

To be continued in the next parts of #SlicesofLife Series on #TrulyYoursRoma in #AtoZChallenge this April.  I am writing on some extraordinary slices from my ordinary life.

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have always given me. Truly Yours Roma is nothing without you! 

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