Wednesday 21 February 2018

My Special Myntra For Making A House My Home Sweet Home Instantaneously

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One funny or rather not so funny thing post our marriage has been that we had for a valid reason always of course changed more number of houses then the number of years we have been wedded for. Job changes, dream to move into our own, mommy-hood and many other reasons have literally made us impressively adaptable nomads­čśä. It isn’t difficult for I have long back learnt to disassociate my emotions with the place we dwell in, being a banker’s daughter who was frequently transferred.

While it is easier said than done for no matter what I say, an emotional person like me associate a lot of value to my home sweet home. Many years ago, not only emotionally, I used to invest financially a lot too to beautify our abode and make it the best place to come back to and cosy around with your loved ones and thus when I left that place, I deliberately left behind many of my favorite pieces there lest my last home would look deserted and desolate when we were gone.

But with time I have grown pretty smart. Now, I style my every home without burning a hole in my pocket and still in a way that is so close to my heart. Well, you all know how I love to weave sweet memories by clicking billions of pictures and I do the walls of my home framing these memories in a creative personalised way in exquisite Photo Frames.

One of my favorite places to pick these artistic Photo Frames at unimaginably value for money prices is Myntra. These photo frames pretty much adorn seamlessly almost all the main walls of my home and are beautifully packed and carried when I need to move. I really love how some of the designs like the tree one satiate the nature lover in me and help me theme my rooms. We can as well use it to showcase our family tree with some pretty pictures of our grandparents too. I am never short of ideas with these frames.

What I also love is I can play around with the frames to arrange them in different settings and always render a new look to my home without a single penny spent.

Another thing I love to adorn the walls of my abode with are Wall Stickers, how they infuse a new zeal of life in the otherwise morose walls. At unbelievably low prices there are a humungous number of options available at the same source, Myntra which remains my forever favorite. You can choose the wall stickers of paintings, of hearts, of slogans and some colourful adorable ones too for your little ones room.

I love the fact that I now don’t need a painter to paint my mind on my walls to make it my home sweet home. I just order the wall stickers or decals as they call it and use the technique mentioned in it to do it myself and am now a pro at it already. Initially I left a couple of bubbles will doing a walls but you can easily prick them with a pin unnoticeably to get the perfect finish.

So these are my two new hottest favourites to do my houses my own special and smart way at almost negligible cost and loads of personalised feel. I like doing a combination too sometimes, like may be a slogan wall sticker for the dining room, a couple of hearts for our bedroom, a scenery for the drawing hall and yes may be a peacock for my library­čśŐ.

Truly Yours Roma loves having colours all around and highly recommends these two ways of giving your home sweet home a new lease of life personalised only for you and your loved ones ♥️ ,no matter whether you have to redo your abode or are moving to a new one.

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