Monday 22 January 2018

When I Unearthed The Secret For Perennial Beauty And Health The #Evion Way

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, well so true but we have to take care of that beauty, nurture it and prevent it from deteriorating so that we enthral that beholder with how well we have maintained our health which is reflected in our healthy skin, our healthy hair and overall a healthy us😊.

This is perhaps the greatest lesson I have learnt in my thirties when a visit to the gynaecologist for aggravated painful PMS symptoms made her put me on a great vitamin E supplement #Evion to treat the Hormonal Imbalance she suspected to be the cause. To my surprise in just a few months not only did I feel better during my menstrual cycles but also my skin and hair felt more nourished and healthier almost like when I was in my teens.The dullness and the non-typically morosely feeling me gave way to the old forever chirpy, smiling and giggling Roma.

Woohoo! I have unknowingly unearthed the secret of timeless beauty and good health.

This is when my perennial love affair with vitamin E began. Though eating right and sleeping tight has always been my mantra, it was time to take the next step forward. I became meticulous in my health regime and found great solace in my culinary escapades trying to invent and reinvent dishes power-packed with Vitamin E which also satiated the taste buds of me and my foodie family alike (quite a paradigm shift for someone like me who never enjoyed cooking). My favourite Vitamin E rich food sources are corn, bell peppers, spinach, avocado, olive oil, tomatoes, pumpkin, almonds and a few more and I love working in permutations and combinations with them to make some exotic salads and curries as per the mood in the household particularly mine(Grin!!). A personal favourite, quick, easy super-recipe is my version of Indian Thai Curry loaded with Vitamin E.

 To make it, all you got to do is first chop some bell peppers red, yellow and green and put together some broccoli and corn. In a pan add 1 teaspoon of olive oil, crackle with some oregano. Sauté the same with onions, red, yellow, green bell peppers, to this add half boiled broccoli and corns. Sautéing for 2-3 minutes are enough to retain the maximum nutritive values of the veggies. In another pan boil some spinach leaves with minimal water so that we need not drain it later. Cool and transfer it to a mixer, add some green chilli, ginger and  2-3 garlic cloves to it and grind. Similarly make fresh tomato purée. When the same it ready, it’s time for us to do the final bit.

Pic for representative purpose only
Get all the semi-cooked ingredients together. In a pan hear little olive oil. All tomato purée first, cook till it starts leaving oil, then add spinach purée, cook at simmer for about 5 minutes till boil comes and switch off the burner, add semi cooked veggies and add salt, black pepper and powdered almonds(if your child is a fussy eater like mine we got to hide nuts like this) and few drops of lemon and my Indian version of Thai Curry loaded with vitamin E is ready to tantalise your taste buds. Isn’t it really easy and can be had with either rice or noodles. If you are a non vegetarian you can add shrimps to it. This is just one of the examples, you can do your own trials and discover a vitamin E enriched culinary delight for your loved ones, to boost muscle strength, hormonal balance, proper functioning of certain vital organs and of course a glowing skin and healthy hair.

This diet plus a homemade face-pack containing #Evion supplement(cut and remove the gel in a small bowl) mixed with lemon juice and rosewater once or twice a week, works wonders for my pollution-sick, stressed skin and the same supplement mixed with coconut oil for my hair is a boon to my hair.

You may also use India’s most trusted #Evion Vitamin E supplements if you feel in everyday hustle bustle of life, you are missing on a proper balanced diet or if you feel tired and dull easily or are facing skin, hair problems or muscle soreness but preferably after consulting a doctor.

Truly Yours Roma can vouch for them for they helped me unearth the secret of perennial beauty and good you find them equally worthy to rid you of your problems!

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