Sunday 14 January 2018

When I Will Be Gone...

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I need to tell u this my one 
when I will be gone 

I don’t want to drip 
down your eyes like tears

promise me you’ll rather keep me alive 
in your beautiful smiles

missing me 
you won’t ever cry 

and make me shine
in the twinkle of your eyes 

only my body will be gone 
but in your heart, my heart will beat

you will hear me in the rhythm of your soul
every heartbeat of yours will profess to you my immortal love 

you will feel my fingers 
running down in your hair

 whenever you will be stressed 
 you will feel that I am right there for you with my warm embrace

just close your eyes
and let your heart melt with the memories of our precious times 

those butterfly kisses
those love notes we whispered in each other’s ears

In the air you will breathe
my presence, my fragrance

for ours is not the kind of love 
where life and death have a say..

will wait for you on the other side of the fence 
to be united with you my soul in the next birth💖

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