Tuesday 23 January 2018

I am proud, so proud to be yours (The Tale of Unearthed Letters)

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True that love is immortal
untouched by time

but time does have one power
to lay fresher layers of memories over the older ones

yesterday wrapped in your newer memories
as our old closet I cleaned

down came a bundle of letters
that you have written to me

they were so many
not in chronological order any

my heart skipped a beat
as I picked up the first one to read

exactly like it did then
When you gave me the first one

next many hours
I savoured and caressed them with my tears

the tears of happiness
to read my man of a few words

your infinite love that you seldom express
Your promises, your passion, your desires

how we wrote to each other what we could not speak
despite of sitting on adjacent seats

the naughty you who pulled my leg
for distracting you from the back bench

those carefree college days
those secret meeting places

those kisses and hugs
and with my fingers your perennial love affair

made me still turn red..
like during our first night, on the creaky bed..

as I soaked myself in the pleasure of this treasure
I intermittently crying and smiling, relived our beautiful journey

only wished you could be here
and pull me closer in your deepest hug

there was so much that could have pulled us apart
but beating all odds together we have made our mark

you have proved yourself
and kept all the promises you have made

made my life a bed of roses
with your love, warmth and care

I don’t know if in return I did my due 
or did I fulfil your wishes true

All I know is I still love you the most like I always did
to me you are God’s greatest gift

I still feel the safest in your arms
and a slightest fear to loose you kills me a million times

Thank you for being mine forever
I am proud, so proud to be yours

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