Monday 29 January 2018

Unity Run, A Worthy Run with a Precious Purpose

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We Did It!
Voila! Yesterday was a landmark day of my life. Yes, it was special and indeed significant because yesterday I completed my first ever marathon, a 5 km long Unity Run. It marked an end of years long slumber of being physically inactive and brought back fond memories of the old fitness-freak me. It’s not that I didn’t have chances before but there was something truly special about this run which made me make it despite of having a terribly hectic weekend and you would know the reason in just a little while for I am as keen to share it with you as you are to know.

Mommy-Sonny Duo flaunting their medals over a giggle
My heart is elated to witness that we are in an era of mass awakening among the Indian Citizens or to say the least we are taking firm right steps in the right direction. One such profound step is a worthy initiative known as ‘Unity Run’ which is taking place in Park Street, Wakad for the past three years, it’s a unique one of its kind run with two distinguished worthy purposes every Park Streetian is proud off. Here’s a candid take on the same about how it strikes chord with anyone who wishes to do his tiny bit for his motherland.

What an Inspiration!

Three years ago inspired by the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, a bunch of conscious humanitarians decided to take it a notch further to individual and society’s social responsibility and founded ‘Street To Life’, with a solemn aim of impacting positively the life of the less privileged like our house helps, drivers, society workers or any other needy whom them can impact in their calibre.

Hats Off!

Impressed by their fantastic initiative and inundated efforts, the apex body of Park Street (a premium township in Wakad, Pune) joined hands with them and imparted a new focused vigour to the wonderful program. The two together also came forward with the concept of hosting a ‘Unity Run’ with a dual purpose. While one was to unite and weave and unite together the members of Sapphire, Turquoise, Titanium, Diamond, Topaz and Ivory Parks situated within the township through a special marathon, the second was to give this union a meaning, a purpose which fills the heart of everyone contributing with great zeal, enthusiasm and contentment and this purpose was charity for the right cause from all the collected money. Their earnest dreams were soon materialised and the outcomes were really glorifying and heart-warming.

Little Angels

In the first year of its conceptualisation in twenty sixteen, the sum collected through Unity Run was used to quench the agony of the Latur region inhabitants who were then reeling under devastating floods under the Green Marathwada initiative. It is an absolute delight to share that steps like de-silting of rivers beds and planting of 5000 trees brought forth some welcome respite to them.

Enjoyed it thoroughly....

In its next year, i.e. twenty seventeen Unity Run became a boon to the underprivileged kids of the Park Street’s Staff. The sum collected was utilised for infrastructural development of a school for these tiny tots who had big dreams in their eyes but no means to attain them. The STL team’s efforts in revamping, furnishing, and restoring a hall in the school to set up a ‘Centre of Excellence’, housing an e-learning centre and a computer lab are indeed an example to the mankind and many volunteers always take time out from their busy schedules, to conduct regular classes for the students there. Well, they have proved if drops make ocean, they have so far succeeded in making a river of their efforts which sure would culminate into an ocean soon.

A warm up Zumba Session before the run

Talking of rivers, in it’s third year Unity Run has acquired another inspirational purpose this year which is ‘Save our Rivers’ aiming to do its bit for the ‘Rally For Rivers’ initiative of Isha Foundation. The core team has identified a stretch of 1 km for planting trees by the Mula River in Vishal Nagar which unfortunately today is a dump yard for architectural wastes... working meticulously around the principle that the only way to save our rivers is maintaining a dense tree cover on either side. The highly focused result oriented teams have already chalked out a thorough plan to clean up this stretch, level it and plant it with trees, and put lights and benches in to create a gorgeous green walkway and rest area – a pocket of pristine solace and serene clean air in the midst of the fast paced and polluted city life, a crucial step again in the right direction. They embark on the implementation real soon.

A set of impressive volunteers who made it happen!
While we wish them a great success in all their future endeavours with a deep heartfelt round of applause, we truly pray that they awaken the conscience of many many more Samaritans our mother nation needs currently through leading by example. Amen!

Well, like I mentioned above, Truly Yours Roma had the honour of participating in the Unity Run this year and we did complete our 5 km marathon( Yes, fitness eludes me for a while now but the cause behind made me do it, hurray!), words fail me to express what an overwhelming feeling it was to run in a teaming crowd of 1500 smiles all motivating each other and offering a helping hand setting a lovely example of humanity and another 5-7K surrounding us in bitter cold to cheer us up. This number is only set to soar from here...and am absolutely proud of it!

P.S. Some of the images above are courtesy the inhabitants of Park Street uploaded by them in the shared resource here.

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