Tuesday 5 December 2017

Soulmates for Infinite Births

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I feel beautiful outside
and I feel soft within
it is because your love makes me shine
and your caring heart caresses my soul

you are a magician 
who wooed me with your goodness 
your honest smile 
casted a spell 

and till today 
after umpteen years of togetherness 
I am still smitten
by your charm

you make moments special 
by your presence 
everyday is a celebration 
in your arms

sometimes I smile to myself
thinking about you 
one best thing I did in this lifetime
is falling in love with you

you are the twinkle of the eyes
you are the reason of my each smile 
you are the soft feeling within me 
you are the most precious piece of my heart

do I ever doubt 
we are soulmates for infinite births
happy in our own tiny world
our desires end in each other’s arms

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