Friday 1 December 2017

A Year of Perfect Beginnings 2017 Comes to a Fantastic End with this Special Announcement #GratitudePost

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Winter chill has set in and the most beautiful set of mornings when I love soaking myself in sun are here. So I am doing exactly this plus my most favourite task of the universe - writing to you... and it suddenly dawns upon me that the year has almost come to a close and how I have been everywhere this year! It sets me thinking as I realise God has been really kind and I had made quite a few worthy beginnings this year. Life has always been a roller coaster for me and despite of always trying to put my best foot forward I have not always succeeded in all my endeavours which is fine for I have never brooded over them, rather have postponed them to more desirable dates. This is a trait I have inherited from my best friend, now my husband to wait for the right time for a particular thing to happen.

January began on a happy note as we eventually booked our dream home. It was quite a search and when it ticked off all the essentials on our list we invested all our hard earned money into it. Also, some of my works got published which kept me sane and elated.

February brought in an emotional high as I attended an Indiblogger Meet in Mumbai with an amazing set of fellow bloggers. It was overwhelming to be in this ocean of intellectuals each one of whom had volumes to share. The daylong event help me envisage a roadmap for myself and set up my goals in line with my vision. Thanks to hubby who drove me all the way from Pune to Mumbai and baby-sitted the kiddo.

March was a busy month of contemplation between planning and execution as I decided to venture fiction for the first time ever and a die-hard romantic that I am, it has to be nothing but a love story. As I juggled between little one’s birthday celebrations and exams, the characters of my first fiction novella took birth in the concealed layers of my mind. On the last day of March I decided to go public with it and signed up with AtoZ Challenge like I had done the previous year too. The idea was to write a chapter of the novella each day about a thousand words and get my readers and fellow bloggers verdict on a daily basis to aid me get a first hand feedback in the process of development of the chicklet romance. I knew this wasn’t the ideal way of doing it but I am this weird writer who always speaks and acts her own mind.

April came out 27 chapters of my first fiction novella(second book) and my impromptu decision turned out to be my best guiding light. The initial chapters got a wonderful response and I was flooded with comments and expectations and the connection my friends and readers felt with my characters. I was overwhelmed and decided to not abandon it at any cost though an accident in the kitchen left me with severe burns on my face and right arm. Though on antibiotics for a fortnight, I didn’t give up my schedule of writing every single day of the month for about an hour. Sometimes I didn’t get time for spell and grammar check but I forced myself to publish it under all costs. I meticulously revised those portions where my precious critics found the idea cliched. I have grown fonder of my characters with each passing day and they created a havoc in my mind until I brought them down on a paper. Thus April was a precious month which I passed home bound marking a new beginning ~ completed penning a fiction for the first time and voila I had the first draft of the manuscript ready.

May saw me doing umpteen revisions and proofreads of my second book titled ‘The Fragrance of True Love’. I proudly released in the esteemed Blogchatter e-book Carnival which published my second book for the second consecutive year. The same is available in soft form on Amazon and in Hardcopies on Pothi.

#AmonCloud9 #MySecBookLaunch #MomentofPride #Novella πŸ™‹πŸ»Hola Loves, it gives me immense pleasure to share with you that my second book πŸ“š πŸ’ž'The Fragrance of True Love' by Roma Gupta Sinha πŸ’–πŸ’“ was launched in the second season of Grand Blogchatter Ebook Carnival yesterday and I am so indebted to them for the same😊 Also, words fail me to express my gratitude to each one of you from the bottom of my heart for all your support always. I trust you would shower the same love to my maiden foray into the fiction world. You can grab a soft copy of this soulful novella which is the softest piece of my heart from Blogchatter website or on Amazon at : πŸŽ‰ You can also buy a hard copy of the book here: πŸ’• Also do share with your family and friends , would be immensely grateful πŸ™ #TrulyYoursRoma #TheFragranceOfTrueLove #Mybooks #bookstagram #books #book #writer #writers #writersofinstagram #booklaunch #author #authors #authorsofinstagram #published #novella #kdp #kindle #kindleebooks @blogchatter #love #lovestory #LoveSaga #saga #truelove
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June saw me basking in the glory of the raving reviews the book got from the readers and fellow-bloggers on Goodreads, in their blogs and Amazon. Part of June passed in a flash traveling back to hometown and meeting family and friends.

July I dedicated back to my blog and penned some of the most thought provoking volumes of my favourite food for thought series that I started about a year back. I deliberately upped the quality of my work and was happy soaring to an indirank 80. Another first of 2017!

August brought alive another dream of mine. As I groomed the anchors for Ganpati processions, scripted their plays and gave voice over to the event, I realised I have so much to give to the coming generation and thus were sowed the seeds of this probably being the right time to start my own communication skills academy. I slept with the ideas for many nights and formed my notions. This month also marked the anniversary of my blog and I was gifted with a million hits by my readers, which left me ecstatic.

#AdvanceBirthdayGift #GratitudePostπŸ™ˆπŸ˜Š By nature I am a recluse and a rebel but my opinion comes strongly to me. Routine and mediocrity subjects me to boredom and while I challenge myself to new goals always to keep the zeal alive, at any point of time, I have to speak my mind which I blatantly do on my blog ~ Truly Yours Roma. Yes, the very space that you are reading now and because I love speaking about everything under the sun, it is a diverse multi-niche blog. Three years ago, when I began this enriching journey professionally, every one recommended that I should carve out my identity in a particular niche because that gives a more dedicated readership and multiple awards but the rebel in me did quite the otherwise, like always. Phew! This was because I primarily wrote to satiate my own heart and that's why my writings resonated with your hearts too. There were always quite a few straight from the heart musings to touch and tinkle umpteen hearts and stay in them forever which I penned with a lot of love. I am so glad you received the same with equal love too and that's when our eternal love affair began irrespective on what subject our hearts chose to connect. Thus, today I reach the coveted milestone of crossing 1 million footprints (page views) on my blog and this is truly gratifying. Thank you so much my friends, fellow bloggers and my precious readers. There can't be a better advance birthday gift you would have given me and all the words of the universe put together will fail me to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for stopping by, reading me, appreciating me and keeping me on my toes to serve you nothing less than the best. Read on at ❤️ #blogger #millionaire #million #hits #blogviews #blogger #blogging #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #writing #like4like #like4follow #like4like #like4follow #lifeofablogger
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Yes, in September I started ‘Roma’s Communication Academy’ at a small scale though from my home. The idea was to groom as many kids as possible in minimum resources possible and yes the batches all run full and I am developing a lot of modules for them each day. It is such a pleasure being in the company of these young impressionable minds and I am totally enthralled by the experience.

October was my birthday month and as always the best time of the year for me. Was conferred with loads of surprises from hubby (including a vacation in Thailand for the coming month) and my beloved friends. I was home for Diwali and thereafter enjoyed doing some wonderful assignments on my blog like that of some exotic collections by Caratlane.

In November, we commenced our world tour together with the Thailand trip. Yes, after having been to like more than 22 countries and something similar for the husband, this was the first time we have been together.... and my what a trip it was. You can read more about it here. Well, I am still tanned and thus the imprints of how incredible the fun-filled vacation was are still etched(phew!!) all over my body❤️.

Aah and so December is here and I am excited because I have been selected to be a part of the dream campaign of Blogchatter this year popularly known as #BlogchatterChatterProjects where in I shall be bringing to you some heart-touching trinkets from both my books, #DareToDefyTheDestiny and #TheFragranceofTrueLove to touch and tinkle your souls and stay in your heart forever and if you wish to read them full, they would be available at heavily discounted Prices. For the first time you will not only be reading me, but also hear my journey and book reads straight from the horse' s mouth along with loads of other surprises (This was the special announcement, the title talks of!).

So this was Year 2017 for me marking Perfect beginnings from start till end and these beginnings would have had no meaning without all of yours support. So please accept this article as an earnest, most sincere note of gratitude to all of you!
To each one of you, #TrulyYoursRoma takes a bowπŸ™Œ!!

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