Friday 11 August 2017

Letting Go and Living With Memories

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My Precious Friends and Readers, I am overtly delighted today to host a guest post from an eminent writer and a very dear friend Purba Chakraborty on Truly Yours Roma. We are connected through our words which ooze out straight from our hearts and oh my what a topic she chose ~ Memories. Here's what she has to say...

“It’s the first Sunday of August. She looks outside the window, inhaling the petrichor and savoring the symphony of rain. From far away, the song “Phir le Aya Dil” can be heard interweaved with the drizzling sound. She feels a pull at the tug of her heart, as if someone is luring her to drown in the sea of memories. She tries to resist and distract her mind with work deadlines. She starts counting one to ten. Yet, a drop of tear escapes her eyes as she gives in to the pull.”
Memories can be perceived as a treasure or torture, depending on the way we see it. The best thing about memories is that we have the entire right to them, even if the person who pictures in the memory doesn’t feel the same way for us. Memories don’t change. Just like wine, they get better as we preserve them.

As beautiful and unconditional our relationship can be with memories, the same cannot be often said about the person who features in them. More than once in life, we have to let go of someone with whom we have weaved the most beautiful memories of life. Letting go is an art of life, which is necessary for our well being and sanity.

Here are some instances when it is better to let go and live with memories:

·         You are with the person and yet you constantly think of past memories, reminiscing how things were beautiful once upon a time. It is a clear indication that the relationship is dead and all that remains are crystallized memories.

·         Sometimes, we love the connection we have with someone more than the person. A slight change in the person’s behavior makes us feel restless and sad. In such a case, it is better to be happy with the good memories that we have created with the person.

·         Change is the only constant. Human beings often outgrow each other. If the person changes to a huge degree and we cannot tune in with his/her change, it’s better to let go than complaining. Sometimes, when we grow in life, we also tend to grow apart.

·         Your feelings are not reciprocated in the way you had wished. Instead of compelling the person to feel the same for you, it’s better to let go and live with the memories. You have complete right to your feelings and memories; not even a slightest bit on someone else’s feelings.

If a person cheats you or treats you badly, there is no question of preserving their memories. Just like we delete the not-so-good pictures from our gallery, we should do the same for the memories in our heart. A detox is needed from time to time. The purpose of memories is to make us feel better and give us strength. And when the separation is because of death, the only thing that remains with us is memories that even God cannot steal. This shows the power of memories. The best memories stay unaffected, even in calamities and death.

In my latest novel, “Canvas of a mind”, there is a quote on memories. Although it is a psychological mystery novel, it also delves into interpersonal relationships.
**********A Guest Post By Purba Chakraborty on Truly Yours Roma***********

We Wish Purba a mega success of her latest book, 'Canvas Of A Mind'! I am loving it, watch out this space for the review of the same, coming up shortly.

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