Monday 21 August 2017

Expanding My Horizon and Spreading My Wings as I Approach My Third Blog Anniversary

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I am too overwhelmed and elated writing to you today. It was only last week that I was speaking to you on my void of inspiration and how it always holds some deep meaning for me, every time it lingers on. Though it hurts  a lot for the period I am under its spell, sooner or later, thankfully I am able to quench my heart's desire and hear its voice.

So this time too, seeking answers I was all over the place in the last few days with my mind savouring everything with great delight and satiating my creative instincts and cravings...

I was at the fabulous Women Writer's Fest organised by SheThePeople.TV. A company of like minded souls and some brilliant speakers eminent in various fields relieved my soul's thirst. I felt like I should keep on hearing them, their inspiration tales, their journeys and I did exactly that for the entire day assimilating the wisdom that has enriched and humbled them over the years. Their were many who left a lasting impression on my mini psyche. During the entire event I kept patting my back for attending this event despite of several odds. I also met Kiran Manral, one of my most favorite Indian Writers and found the Midas Touch of the goodness of her soul, deeply uplifting. While words fail me what I assimilated that day, I knew I fathomed some of the deepest secrets of leaving your mark.

The icing on the cake was attending Blogchatter's Meet Up just a couple of days later and my, I didn't know till then that how much I felt a part of Blogchatter. We were like a bunch of 12-15 bloggers and what fun we had. Such concrete discussions shared with utmost personal anecdotes already weaved us into a beautiful family in just a couple of hours. It was a extremely rainy afternoon and we ended it up with a sumptuous lunch and taking umpteen pictures. I rushed home and ensured I connected to the entire gang immediately. It didn't feel many of us met for the first time. I really understood the power of community this day no matter how small of big it is and I owe a truckload of gratitude to Richa Singh, the founder of Blogchatter for integrating us impeccably.

The two events left me sleepless. While #WomenWritersFest exposed me to the wonderful universe of discovering the best avenues to fulfil my dreams, blogchatter taught me how to weave together worthy bits and pieces to weave your nest to recognition. My biggest realisation came in the form of an endeavour to expand my horizon now. I understood just writing like five hundred odd articles isn't enough, you have to work on enhancing your visibility no matter at whichever milestone you are, contentment will only lead to needed to be figured our what's hit and what's a miss for you, for your immediate family of readers. Working hard does help you but working hard in the right direction often does the trick. A perfect mix of versatility and building your unique content in your niche often makes you stand out of the rest.

I know you would say we are writers not advertisers or promoters but so am I peeps and I have faced what you do. I have carried the hard copy of my latest published book which I love to the moon and back in my bag for several events where my friends  would have loved to promote it but you see I sail in the same boat as you do, I just didn't pull it out. With every single reviewer on Amazon, Goodreads or Twitter has rating this book nothing less than 4 stars and book clubs are still approaching me for a massive launch, I always feel it is not my cup of tea. 

But If I can write a book, why can't I market it?

So this year,  I have eventually decided to come out of my comfort zone and break the shell I have built around me for years. I shall indeed yearn to expand my horizon and hopefully will yield some extraordinary results. It's high time I spread my wings and take the flight fearlessly.

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