Monday 28 August 2017

My Precious Baby, My Blog Turns Three Today

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Life is an artist's blank canvas
Where he paints his desire through multiple strokes of brush
A writer is an artist too
Who paints a masterpiece through his words

When scribbling on bits and pieces didn't satiate my heart
I decided to create my own sacred space of soulful words woven into beautiful forms
Some years ago, I thus gave birth to my beloved baby, my blog
And began my journey to bring on paper with what all my brain was clogged

Initially it took baby steps, gradual yet very strong and firm
While I continued to muse and amuse, with words straight from my heart
I nurtured it with all my love
It always remained and will remain the most precious piece of my heart

I worked harder and it carved its own unique niche
And did I say all the words of the universe shall fail me express my gratitude to its readers
All your notes of appreciation
Boosted the morale of my tiny toddler

Every time it was felicitated and honoured
My heart was swollen with immense pride like a mother
Whenever the tide of time turned against me
I turned to it and found great solace in its company

It gave me friends of a lifetime, it gave me my identity
It became my voice on multiple issues of humanity
Today it is three and we know we have miles to go before we sleep
But I need to say this I value you and love you infinite times to the moon and back my baby!

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