Sunday 2 July 2017

Isn't it Good To Share, mom? Fathoming The Deepest Dilemmas of Motherhood (Food For Thought Series Vol-9)

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I was short of words when my drenched eight year old coyly responded to my questioning eyes as he got off his school bus, 

"Isn't it good to share, mom?"

Apparently his school bus-mate Riddhi hadn't brought her umbrella so this fellow had shared his tiny umbrella with her to save her from getting wet while it was raining cats and dogs and in the process forgotten to  protect himself. 

 His eyes were beaming with satisfaction as water droplets kept dripping down from his clothes and his muddy shoes squealed on our way back home from the bus stop.

Without loosing a moment, I helped him with a towel but the mom in me yelled within fathoming the deepest dilemmas of motherhood yet being overtly concerned for my little angel. I clinched my fists babbling to myself in the kitchen serving him lunch and down poured a series of devastating thoughts from the momentarily shaken momma.

Exams are approaching. Doesn't he know how easily he catches cold and cough with a soar throat which often goes on painstakingly lingering for what seems an eternity? He knew his was the last stop and he was going to be in the bus like this for a straight one and a half hour. How I would hate another round to the doc post a bout of fever. Is this the reason I diligently remind him to carry his umbrella each day? Why don't other parents give their kids umbrellas or raincoats when they know Pune would have rains almost everyday in monsoons? Period.

I gulped a huge lump of saliva and sucked in my emotions at the spur of the moment and rolled my eyes to be doubly sure they had not already given it away. 

"Yes, its nice to help! You did a great job!" is what I told him for I knew this lesson on humanity is going to stay with him for long and today I am sowing seeds for worthy citizens of tomorrow. Had I scolded him for his action, he would have been extremely demotivated to ever again get into an act of kindness. I am glad I managed to pull it off well. Sigh!

Though I kept fighting my own demons within to come out with a smarter win-win solution for him as practicality is what replaces innocence as we grow up, I enjoyed how his daily thought in his tiny blackboard in his room said 'Sharing is Caring' followed by a smiley. He soon forgot about this incident and got engaged in his play.

This little boy missed his school next day and is still coughing a week later today but his generosity evoked a million thoughts in me.

This world would have been such a better place if we kept ours hearts too as pure and as innocent as the little kids. Why can't we? Why doesn't 'Neki kar aur Dariya mein daal' meaning do good and forget it, comes easily to us anymore. There is so much we can learn each day  from these tiny buds.

Isn't it good to share? Is it that difficult?

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