Sunday 18 June 2017

This Is To My Friend Ayesha, Who Taught Me Calmness

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Your soul is reflected in the words you choose to utter but if you are short-tempered and spit it out at the moment despite of having a clear heart chances are you may come across not as such a welcome person. Though you may realise it in a couple of minutes and seek apology or explain but the wrath has already taken its toll on the other person's heart. 

There's another category of people who aren't short tempered but are too vocal when they stand for any other person's rights and go to any extreme to fight it out. Unfortunately, not many appreciate this attitude and odds are you loose your loved ones too in the long run. Trust me, words have that impact. 

Until about a year ago, I was one such person who loved to speak her mind aloud at the spur until I found a dear friend Ayesha. We are poles apart in everything and there is nothing common amongst us and probably that's what weaves our chalk and cheese combination so strong. 

Since she has walked into my life, she has taught me a lot of calmness. I feel her infectious silence has rubbed on me and all her advice to me have been bang on. I have learnt to tackle the most difficult times with utmost patience and dignity, though I know the other person is wrong but I shall place my point later when he/she would be in a better state of mind to understand me. By that time even I would have judged the situation better and will give a more matured handling to the matter. 

This makes me feel I have suddenly grown up, from someone who lost her temper at the drop of her hat to someone who now generously forgives and takes pride in keeping mum and speak only when it's needed. This also increases the value of your words when they are spoken. I owe this transformation to you dear Ayesha and I owe my deepest gratitude to you for imbibing it in me. May our friendship only grown fonder and deeper till eternity. Love you to the moon and back.

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