Friday 16 June 2017

Review of 'Picky Eaters? Guaranteed Hacks To Make You Happy' by Dr.Amrita Basu and ADr.Abhijit Misra

This #AtoZChallenge I got addicted to reading Dr.Amrita Basu's good advice on her blog and I really found them worthy, well researched and highly useful. This was precisely the reason I picked up her and her husband Dr.Abhijit Misra's ebook  ~ Picky Eaters Guaranteed Hacks To Make You Happy.

The title itself sounded like a blessing for a mother of an extremely picky eater like me and I devoured the book of its useful contents in a single go. The doctor couple also are parents to a 5 year old damsel which added a practical hands on element to the narration from parents angle too and kept me further glued.

Undoubtedly, the book stated facts I was still unaware of like our diet in our pregnancy determines our child's food preference and it aided me to reason the dynamics of my son's behaviour towards food and I am indebted to the authors for the same.

I find the recommendations in the book quite relevant and easy to emulate to improve the good habits of our children. The facts related to nitty gritties like how to check and cater to our child's food allergies and an icing on the cake. 

Though I really wanted to read more on this subject from the knowledge duo, I found the ebook really useful.

I recommend this book to every mom for its worthy hacks encapsulated perfectly. You can download it by clicking here. You may also like to order their awesome ebook on Fruits Nutrition, check it out here on Amazon.

About The Authors: Dr.Amrita Basu is an ENT surgeon ,teacher in a medical college ,and blogs about health,wellness and her journey as a mom blogger.She is an avid balcony gardener and a voracious book worm.
Dr.Abhijit Misra is a pediatrician ,teacher in a medical college and the rock solid support behind They  are the co -authors of this book and partners in real life.

Book Blurb: Picky eating makes moms worried .Did you know .what you eat during pregnancy ,could change your unborn child’s eating habits?Knowing when to worry and how to handle picky eaters ,is what this book is about .Easy actionable hacks to make life easier for moms.

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