Monday 12 June 2017

Review of 26 Words : A to Z of Short Stories by Smita Pal (An ebook with a Meaning)

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From times infinite topics highlighting and aiming to attack the social disparities, stigma and inequalities have been closest to my heart. I myself am an avid writer of the subject, thus picking up author Smita Pal's maiden ebook on the same ~ 26 A to Z stories was indeed my first choice and I am glad I picked it up for the stories are fresh, raw and soul-stirring.

The weaving of the tales is beautiful and the subjects are vivid and diverse from all arenas of life. I would say it is the sheer brilliance of the author to build heart-wrenching and thought provoking anecdotes around words as simple as Apple, Bangles, Cat, Dog etc. narrated wonderfully. Her new ABCD holds a lot of depth for her readers. Once I began reading, it was difficult for me to put it down.

I would also like to mention the well conceived endings of the stories which leave your heart tantalised and craving for being the face of change in our society.

You will find a bit of yourself in each of her story and I love the perspective she has brought in to these tales which have been told a umpteen times before too. Nevertheless, the narratives are a clear indication of her sheer talent. Though in a very few places, I felt there was a scope for fine-tuning of the script.

The language and tone of the meaningful ebook are crisp and I recommend this anthology to every one beyond any doubt.

You can download the book here : 26 words – A to Z of Short Stories OR Grab a copy on Amazon here

About The Author: Smita, an MBA in Finance is a working mother who loves to write, cook, paint, read and do a lot many other things. In her free time, she can be found cooking, decorating her home, cleaning( She is a self confessed OCD), DIYing or blogging about life , her kitchen and her parenting debacles. She is also a camera ready mama, capturing her toddler’s antics on Instagram ( ).Though she loves writing, she has just recently re embraced this passion of hers fully and started her own blogging journey again. You can find her musing about things and trying to find the humorous side of the highly overwhelming parenting journey (Yes blissful too!)

Book Blurb : “26 words – A to Z of Short Stories” is a collection of 26 short stories on topics of social issues. Each story revolves around a word which starts with a letter of the alphabet and a social issue which begins with the same letter. It is my first ever attempt at writing and I feel strongly about each one of the topics chosen in my tales. My attempt is to speak up about these topics and bring them to notice.  We as a race have a lot to learn yet and it is still a long way to make our society as perfect as desired.  And the only way to achieve this will be by bringing the change ourselves. These tales of fiction are just a look at some of the problems that are entwined in our lives today.

TrulyYoursRoma's Rating of the Book : 4*/5

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