Thursday 11 May 2017

My Gaurdian Angel From The Heavens Above

Just a thought of my mom touches and soothes the deepest corners of my heart. Her selfless love and the light of her wisdom caresses my soul on the darkest of nights though today I am far far away from her. Yes, she now lives with God but connects with me every single day from the heavens above. The fragrance of our beautiful relationship still mesmerises my soul and I and my actions are nothing but her reflections. All the words of the universe will fail me to express my gratitude to her for all she has done for us and this is the reason why me and my younger brother always called her 'Mother India'. Yes, she resembles Nargis of Mother India not only in her ethereal beauty but also in the way Nargis had fought all odds in the Bollywood Flick to rear her children.
The journey wasn't easy at all with life's vicious circumstances always creating stumbles but she ensured that we got proper education and made a flourishing career for ourselves. No doubt we have inherited the strength of character and extreme dedication and will power from her. Her beautiful smile never gave away the fact that she had hidden abundant pain in her heart but was still proud of her children's achievement and we in turn are so proud of hers.
Tears well up in my eyes when 11 years after she is gone, still her students write to us about how grateful they are to her for what they have become in life as well how they still remember her generous loving nature. Only yesterday one of her students who had succumbed to Polio early on in life but mom's vehement support and guidance made her fulfil her dreams despite of the inability, wrote to me on Facebook remembering her. Such was our mom who lives forever in our hearts. Whenever, I am my little brother meet we still hum the song we sang with our #MotherIndia, "Dukh bhare din beete re bhaiya, ab sukh aayo re....".
And did I mention her impeccable sense of humour she was well known for. She was gifted in terms of making the toughest situations light with her flawless banter and was loved by everyone on the family alike for staying with them in thick and thin. I try to imitate her in most of the things and a fairly new mom that I am, I admit I am still learning. Whenever I am stuck in something #BigSmall, I look up at her, my guiding angel in Heavens above and she sends me subtle hints to aid me. Such is a mother whose unconditional love is unfathomable and is beyond the ties of life and death. She is my superstar and the strongest rock of my life.
Though for me everyday is a Mother's Day, I appreciate how we dedicate second Sunday of May every year to the most precious person of our life as 'Mother's Day' and urge everyone to shower unconditional love on her that day and always. How about ordering her a unique gift from and surprising the most beautiful woman in your life. She indeed deserves much more.
I bow my head to all the Mother's of the world who are divine angels sent by God himself to make this world the most beautiful place with their true boundless pristine love...This is Truly Yours Roma wishing you a very very Happy Mother's Day.
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