Saturday 29 April 2017

Zenith Of Love ~ Concluding Volume of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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That night was even more wonderful for Priyam. Despite of many rooms at home, the entire gang of the affectionate family members put their beddings on the floor in the hall and kept chatting, gossiping and giggling with mom and dad joining them too. There were silly jokes and friendly banter mostly and crazy bursts of laughter. Priyam sat next to Meer smiling all the time and took part in the fun with full excitement. That's when Dad said they should not wait to get her to their house anymore and everyone shouted in delight that they were soon to hear wedding bells. Even if it was not Aditi as they had presumed, they were extremely elated that eventually dad will see his youngest son married before he closed his eyes which looked inevitable though he exhibited signs of improvement occasionally.

Though Meer was elated that Priyam had won his parents' hearts, he watched carefully Priyam's reaction to the entire ruckus and this time she didn't twitch at the mention of her wedding. She just got all red and smiled and Meer knew it was finally a ‘Yes’ from her. How he wanted to hug her that moment, his infinite love had made his beloved overcome all her apprehensions and fears. The new more beautiful memories had eventually wiped away the uglier ones of the past. The two experienced a sea of overwhelming emotions in their hearts as they skid into their world of dreams with everyone else huddled together right there, at the centre of the huge hall...

In the morning, joyful Meer called Priyam's mom and her brother and asked them to get ready as he was coming to pick them up. The two danced in joy too, to hear that finally their darling was out of the destructive spell of her past's brutal memories. After all love and warmth are the best medicines to heal the deepest wounds and that's what Meer and now his family had showered on her in abundance. This had enabled her to take the plunge and place her trust once again in humanity.

The wedding was to commence in two days and as they applied for a leave extension, a lot was needed to be worked on rapid fire basis including their wedding trousseau while the rest of the family made quick fix arrangements of everything else. Honestly they didn't even had the time to think they were getting married, there was so much on their platter but it was also so much fun. How the family managed such a grand wedding in two days is still a talking point in the whole of Bhopal but yes all went really well and there was a shower of blessings from every near and dear who could or could not attend the wedding in such a short notice.

PriyaMeer enjoyed their wedding to the core for there were so many wacky moments which made it further memorable. This was bound to happen as they had shopped together. Like if Meer's Jutis were with Priyam, her makeup went in his bag, thus despite of having separate rooms they kept running for each other's and laughing over their pathetic state in their own wedding. Plus there was custom after custom which came at such a rapid pace…amidst of thousands of wedding clicks with relatives of relatives. They realised they were themselves, when they they were taken to their room at 3a.m. only to be woken up for another prayer ceremony at 6 on a chilly December night.

But they were happy, very very happy. Such was the power of their pure, divine, true love that they have won over the world that day. There was truly something special about those moments and they were on the zenith of their love. Meer pulled her near him and holding her the closest possible, kissed her deeply. Priyam too felt further complete in those safest set of arms that night. A love like theirs finally met its befitting end.

No it didn't end here, it was just a beginning...Eight years later today, as I sit with them having their favorite sandwiches and some coffee, I feel the same infinite love and warmth between the two.. oh sorry, they are three now, their little angel Preet is now 6 years who looks like a mini Priyam. She is dad's darling and enhances their love several-fold more. No one is now scared to utter the word Dad, there is happiness and only happiness in their paradise. I wish every Priyam in this world found a Meer.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

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