Monday 24 April 2017

Until the Universe Conspires to Make Us One ~ Vol 21 of Priyam Meer's Love Saga

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The dark night was slowly loosing itself in the morning sun rays which shone a little brighter than usual because it was the day when Meer finally came back to India with bag and baggage. Undoubtedly, a lot of planning had gone behind how they shall leave no stone unturned this time to make things go in their favour. A month ago Priyam has referred his resume not only in her organisation but also channelized it to several others through acquaintances and job portals. As a result, quite of few of his interviews were lined up the same week and thus a good amount of travelling was on the cards intercepted by the most cherished together times which they somehow always managed.

Meer spent the weekend at home and he didn't sense a sign of worry. Dad and mom were on top of the world to see him and so was he. He even went to Mathur Uncle's house and engaged in a friendly banter with Aditi like he always did, from their school days. Fortunately, he was convinced that Aditi did not have any feelings for him which made things easier. He had a plan to execute in future but first he wanted to crack the interviews and secure a worthy job and off he flew to Hyderabad that afternoon. There wasn't a financial pressure but still it was vital to Meer's confidence that he justified his stands so far by building a bright future.

Priyam's eyes glittered as she spotted Meer in the coffee shop on the necklace Road late evening the same day and she had spread the most soulful heartening smile as Meer embraced her warmly. As they juggled with each other's fingers, their favorite pass time, Priyam had a strong feeling that it was time that life gave them their fair share while Meer had the fire of their pristine love burning bright in his heart and inspiring him to overpower his jinxed luck. Their firm believes only multiplied their love and the feeling of belonging to each other.

Meer got a joining call from five out of all five interviews he gave and we all had a reason to be so proud of him. This triumph was truly a labour of their love and sacrifices. Priyam was on cloud nine for Meer will now join her organisation. Whoa! No words can express their excitement. Later that evening, in her apartment, Meer lifted her up in his arms and swivelled her around as they giggled their hearts out. There joy knew no bounds. How much they have waited for this day. The night called out for a celebration and Meer nailed it by making some mouth-watering sandwiches of whatever veggies and sauces he found in the refrigerator. His stay in Australia had made his a pro cook and he loved exhibiting his culinary skills.They chitchatted, they danced, they clicked selfies and then settled in each other's arms with a cup of coffee not sleeping even for a single moment. It was indeed the best day of their life for they have eventually materialised their dreams.

A early morn door bell ring startled them, who could it be in such wee hours. Walking out of her trance, Priyam sleepily opened the door and was aghast to see who stood in front of her.

Who was there on the door that made Priyam tremble? What happens next? Stay tuned as I bring to you the next volume right here on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

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