Tuesday 25 April 2017

Vague Pre-Conditions of True Love ~ Vol 22 of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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Her dear mom had decided to startle her sweet little princess that early spring morn but as she entered her daughter's abode she herself was startled beyond compare, finding Meer there. It was still dark outside and Priyam felt equally gloomy within. She kicked herself a million times in her brain for not having told mom about Meer. Not that she hadn't contemplated doing that almost every day but several reasons stopped her from doing so and she had to bear the repercussions today. She had broken her mom's trust and her repentance made her heart sink. She tried clearing her throat to speak to her but words didn't just come out. The awkward pin drop silence in the room was brutal.

Meer however was unfazed and warmly greeted her mom touching her feet with a smile. Seeking inspiration from Meer, Priyam opened up a little, to her mother, "Mom, Meer is joining my organisation from Monday!"

"C..o..n..g..r..a..t..s S..o..n!" , is barely what she murmured in a faint voice. Thanking her and wanting to give the mom and daughter their space, Meer left shortly.

"Why didn't you tell me Priyam? Do you guys plan to get married?" mom asked her darling as they sat having breakfast. Priyam looked sullen and spoke in a very calm voice, "This was precisely the reason I didn't tell you mom. Please don't judge me for what I am going to reveal to you now. I love Meer for years now from the bottom of my heart and will die to spend my entire life with him but I can't marry him. We are very happy together and I will like things to be like this forever. After dad left you in a lurch and witnessing all the turmoil with you at a tender age, I have no belief in the sanctity of matrimony. I don't have the courage to take so much again all over again....The name marriage scares me mom. I don’t understand the vague pre-conditions for my love to get acceptance. "

Her mother was perplexed to hear her daughter's views. Not that she bothered about the society or was orthodox in her thinking, all she wanted was her daughter to settle happily in her life and here her past stood right in front of her eyes ruining her daughter's present. She felt deeply hurt in the vicious circle life has entrapped them into. Though she still didn't have a distinct opinion on Meer, she was ready to trust her daughter's choice. She also understood her daughter felt very vulnerable and fragile that moment and thus decided not to pressurise her. That's the kind of mother she has always been to her children though she wondered if Meer was aligned with Priyam's decision or not or will he abandon her as soon as he was apprised of her thoughts. Was his love for her deep enough? Every possible vague thought flooded her mother's mind but she shunned them maintaining peace at home and she caressed her daughter's forehead who lay on her lap.

Meer soon joined Priyam's work place. As Priyam's mother was here for a week, she met Meer every evening when he came to drop her and got to know him better.

Was Meer aware or Priyam's thought-process? Had she already shared with him her stand on marriage? Does the two set of parents feel comfortable in the set up? Stay tuned to catch some final action right here tomorrow on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

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