Sunday 23 April 2017

Trust To Win Over The Tryst With Destiny ~ Vol 20 Of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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Draped in each other's perfume, with the previous day's sweet memories still tickling their hearts, they parted ways albeit with full trust that this was for one last time. While Priyam's letters kept Meer company during his long flights, reaching back her apartment, Priyam folded the pink dress carefully and placed it in the cupboard. The red roses still looked fresh and she sprinkled water droplets on the satin leaves decorating them in a vas. A glimpse of the ring on her finger reminded her of his touch and the sea of his overwhelming love and a beautiful smile lit her eyes and lips.

Back at her office desk, she prioritised all tasks at hand and efficiently struck them off of the list one by one. This was the approach she has always followed to finish the less timing taking activities first and then devote time to more strategic ones mostly envisioned on a piece of paper first. When she had a little time in her hand she did that in a relaxed manner in the office cafeteria along with grabbing her favourite cup of coffee there. Her peers and superiors appreciated her ability to never give up under pressure and give best possible results in minimum time. Her calm mind and the ability to think like a pro were her true assets at work. No wonder in just one year eight months came her first promotion.

She has immersed herself in work so that she missed him less. Days at work and nights with him online made her life look perfect for the moment or she has planned it so. It was just 3 months for Meer to come back to India permanently and the two of them waited for the same. Meer has done really well in his studies there too and also taken a few additional classes to enrich his CV to the level that no one can reject him ever, now on.

At the right time, they were both doing what was best for their careers at this age. They knew it was vital for a flourishing career and they were laying the right foundation for it. Meer's dad was stable and recovering at a decent pace and his mom was happy that the most precious piece of her heart was coming back finally. On the other hand, Priyam has helped her mom open an academy adjacent to their house where she taught the poor children and women for free. She knew her mom has always dreamt of doing it one day and so mommy dear was touched by her daughter's surprise for her.

Priyank was doing great at college too. He dropped at her sister's place almost every alternate weekend and they had the time of the life they had always missed. Whether it was walking a mile to grab their favorite molten chocolate truffle pastry or to indulge in some unplanned shopping, they loved being together. Though Priyank didn't spare his D of all the jokes he cracked on PriyaMeer and kept pulling their leg even on their video calls but it was all so much fun as the three often broke out in bursts of laughter. In due course of time they became a strongly knit trio…
and here came the day when Meer was back in India. He knew a lot was waiting for him.

Wanna know what happens next in this roller coaster Love Tale, catch the final action live in the next volume tomorrow right here on Truly Yours Roma.
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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback, this blog breathes on your comments.

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