Tuesday 18 April 2017

PriyaMeer, Unnoticed They United Their Names, Their Souls ~ Vol16

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The entrancing moments that night transported them to a different world, where for the next few hours they were just they, Meer's Priyam and Priyam's Meer. The 17 cards from Meer kept at chosen places with their kiss sealed sequence number painted on them in a lovely floral design, melted her heart once again. These cards were handmade and each had a special love note for her. The cards kept coming at regular intervals and touched her deepest chords. Each handwritten note loosened the knots that pained Priyam's heart since her childhood which formed the reason of why she never trusted anyone or humanity as it is and was hesitant at Meer’s initial warmth towards her. Tears rolled down her eyes as for the first time ever she let loose all the bad memories of her childhood letting them flow out of her heart and in the process purify her soul. Of uncles, of neighbours and people as old as her grand-father, she only had memories of bad touch always treating her mom and her as mere instruments of abuse after her dad left her mom midway in the course of life for a second woman. Today her heart wanted to wash away all that pain and replace them with memories of her Meer's therapeutic good touch. His patient listening and small letters inside the cards did the same too as they contained a promise each. Promises of being only hers forever even oceans apart…Promises to always keep her closest to him heart. They talked and talked for hours until they fell asleep in each other's arms. That night their deepest love grew further deep as they bared their soul to each other without the slightest fear.
Next day Meer had come to drop Priyam home. This was the first time he met her family and her mother was exactly like she said, an apostle of sacrifice, a selfless lady, a teacher who had given her children the gift of education in whatever meagre means she had and had still always managed to teach poorer kids for free in late evenings. Priyam brother Priyank was a sweet chap too and the two men experienced an instant connection as they met. Her mom knew that Meer was Priyam's classmate as well as her technical papers partner and she blessed him with kind words as he touched her feet. He left in a few minutes though and for a second Priyam's heart sank as she bid him good bye. She didn't have the courage though to go and see him off as he flew to Australia.
In a month's time Priyam too moved to Hyderabad as her joining neared. She stayed in the service apartments with other girl joinees from different institutes from all over the country until her company lease individual accommodation got ready. Honestly she enjoyed the company for Meer has now taught her how making friends makes life happier and worth sailing and how it's ok to trust and share. Not everyone you meet is bad, just obey your instinct for him or her and follow your heart. Any thought that crossed her mind directly and directly connected to Meer. Oh, how she missed him. The dearest piece of her heart has gone away and yet it felt so heavy. But she had promised him that every time she missed him, she will smile and that is what she did hiding him deep in her heart.
The new Priyam who joined the renowned PCS was an effervescent damsel, candid and frank, likeable and approachable by anyone. No one knew this new avatar was Priyam's Meer who always carried their pic taken in the lake in Nainital and the 'PriyaMeer' Anklet Meer gifted her. in her office bag. The two were her most valuable possessions. I just realised their names too have merged together inseparably like their souls.
Priyam's first impression at the work place was impeccable. Her I.I.T. degree and the way her skills were honed there was evident in her knowledge and charisma. All that she needed now was to amass experience and her moves were in the right direction. Glad she had also got the department of her choice. She now just waited for her first salary so that she can buy a cell phone and talk to and see her man on the Skype call for long hours. By far she has only sent him offline messages from office web or through give and take of emails. She even spoke to him on her roomy's cell sometimes when he called up. Ways, you see, love discovers to reach each other.
Meer on the other hand was settling well thanks to his college senior being there in the same course. He stayed with him initially and has recently found a decent part time job too. All in all he was keeping his head firm in his shoulders and was working sincerely and passionately towards his goals.
Wanna know what happens at the second stage of the new journey the two have just commenced, catch it right here in the next volume tomorrow with us on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback on the same, this blog breathes on your comments.

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