Monday 17 April 2017

Oyster and Pearl Are We Who Complete Each Other's Identity ~ PriyaMeer's LoveSaga Vol15

Every moment of the priceless vacation was divine. It caressed their souls like pure magic. It was getting colder in the evening but they strolled casually, tucked in together, on the hot and happening Mall Road, the hottest spot of the town. A natural smile lit their lips which were trembling in the bitterly chilly air. Their jackets didn't do much to ward off the cold either. A couple of scoops of their favorite Baskin Robbins' ice cream further added to the thrill. Meer bought Priyam a multi-coloured anklet with the alphabets of their names 'PRIYAMEER' weaved in it, from an old lady who insisted he gifted it to her. The roadside flea market was truly rocking and little things only accentuated their ecstasy. The street side hawkers lured them into small joys like when Priyam got Mehndi etched on her palms silently smiling, Meer couldn’t shift her eyes off her even for a moment. Life’s real treasure is hidden in the pleasure of such moments which no money can ever buy.
Soon it grew dark and the lights of people’s home scattered all over the surrounding mountains of Nainital reflected in the huge lake right at the centre of this beautiful town. The sight was absolutely stunning for it looked like the whole town has been decorated and lit by beautiful exquisite lightings for a special occasion and yes there indeed was an occasion…..It was a perfect celebration of their togetherness and Priyam did dazzle like a royal bride. Cool breeze continued to caress their tresses and they loved the touch.
Meer has booked a special table for the two for dinner in the most famous candle light restaurant of Nainital known as 'Machaan'. The staff welcomed them cordially. The arrangements were spot on. Priyam was startled at the Happy Birthday announcement of ‘PRIYAMEER’ along with a lovely cake with chocolate truffle oozing out of it being served to them. It took her a while to realize it has been exactly three years today from when they first met in their classroom and she has presumed him to be a senior who was ragging her. The lovely memories came cascading down her heart like an unstoppable waterfall. It was the third birthday of their eternal relationship whose fragrance mesmerised their souls. They cut the cake savouring the chocolate sauce and the blissful moments in dim candle light. The dinner was served hot and they enjoyed it to the core. Since the two of them loved dancing and this was just the perfect timing for the same. They held each other lovingly and swayed to the soft music that played in the dimly lit ball room.
Out of a dream, they next headed towards another dream. I am sure Meer had more in store for her that delightfully romantic night. They soon reached the place they were putting up at. As Priyam stepped in she was welcomed by a room decorated in lilies, candles and cards with messages. It was a minimal do up that Meer had managed in last 15 minutes but it did just the right thing to strike the right chord for the best moments those were so awaited.
Catch us tomorrow right here on Truly Yours Roma to know what more this memorable night has in store for the lovely couple.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your take on the same, this blog breathes on your comments.
Vol 16 Released Here

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