Wednesday 19 April 2017

Quirky Games Of Destiny ~ Vol 17 of PriyaMeer's Love Saga

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Priyam felt really wonderful holding her first salary in hand. After all, the feeling of standing on your feet after the crazy amount of hard work that went behind it, truly kicks your confidence. For her it was extra special as she could now buy a mobile phone of her own and catch a glimpse of her precious half who resided far far away from her. She bought one the same evening and hurray they connected as soon as the data plan got activated. She couldn't hold her tears of paramount joy as she looked at him after what seemed a millennium. All that she desperately desired that moment was to be able to hug him tightly but unfortunately no technology could do that favour to her until of course someday she herself invented them for lovebirds like them. Meer was smiling too and getting a glance of his sweetheart comforted his longing heart. Words fail me to express how delighted they were that night…they were so engrossed in each other that they didn't realize it was eight a.m. in Sydney already. Meer bid bye in a frenzy with a promise to connect back in the evening. Priyam still had a couple of hours to catch on her sleep.

Thereafter for most of the time they were connected on chats if not at home and on Skype once they reached back. They only used the four hours time gap to catch up on sleep etc rest were all happy together times. It felt like their college love life had returned but this time they had the nights too at their disposal. They shared every single thing with each other. Priyam has now moved to her own 2 bedroom furnished apartment so the personal space too increased. They together listened to their favorite Jagjit Singh ghazals or watched a movie or played some games. When they shopped, the trial of the dresses was done late night. On weekends they made the same breakfast and had it together with a cup of hot coffee and unstoppable chatter. I knew it was absolute fun for them staying with each other this way. Isn’t it heartening to know that someone is always there for you on the other side of your cell's screen. Technology had lessened the pain of their separation manifold. What I found most adorable about this lovely couple is that there was no place for ego between them. Whatever belonged to either of them was theirs and there was no hesitation in seeking help if needed.

Time flew with wings and a year passed at the blink of an eye. In between, Priyam's mom came to stay with her a couple of times whenever she had a vacation from school. She still had 10 years of service left and thought her daughter categorically told her that it's time she takes rest any enjoy life, she loved her profession and her students, they gave a meaning to her life and so she went back to her hometown pretty soon each time. Both the times she was in the city, she got subtle hints that her daughter is always on the phone with someone and though she didn't approve of it, she tried to ignore it must be all girls gossip gang. She wanted her live her life to the fullest now without any ifs and buts. Back home, of course their living standards have increased many fold after Priyam started working and she ensured every slightest comfort for her family. Her brother who was now in first year of engineering dropped at her place often and knew everything about Meer. In fact he loved Meer dearly too and kept popping up between their calls.

However, quirky destiny has its own games. Life's journey took a vicious turn when Meer was fetched back to India urgently as his dad was seriously ill. He met Priyam for a few minutes at the airport before taking a train to Bhopal. His dad has been diagnosed with acute Myelofibrosis and was not reciprocating to the medicines. From the station he ran straight to the hospital and found him really weak and frail. Momentarily, he was comforted to hug his youngest son and the apple of his eyes.

What happens next has a big decision in store for Priyam and Meer. Stay tuned to know did Meer manage to save his dad's life and fulfil his last wish, tomorrow, right here on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your genuine feedback on the same, this blog breathes on your comments.
Vol 18 Released Here

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