Sunday 16 April 2017

New Beginning ~ Vol 14 of Priyam Meer's Eternal Love Tale

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             ***************Ten Months later********************

A beautiful sunrise every morn no matter how dark the preceding night has been is symbolic of the fact that bad times sooner or later shall give way to happier times. It was the last day of the last semester and they were all ready for the farewell. Priyam looked dazzling in the black Kalamkaari Saree and Meer was right there to escort her princess. The farewell night which the juniors have weaved with a lot of heart was truly ecstatic fun. They had imitated all their seniors and when they enacted Priyam and Meer, everyone in the hall burst out in laughter at how well they captured the small nuances of the most lovable couple’s relation. I guess the whole world knew about them by now and they didn't want to hide that either. They both were also given the title Mr. and Ms. Warm Heart which they were more than happy to accept. Anything together still meant the world to them and the flames of love ignited much stronger with each passing day as was evident from the ball dance towards the end of the party.
Meer was to leave for Australia in a week's time for higher studies; all formalities were already done while Priyam will take on her dream job. This was a phenomenal new beginning meandering out its way from all that happened in the past ten months and I am glad their love withstood the testimony of time. They now had their goals and path all set for their ultimate unison and who prayed for it more than me, after all, they both are a piece of my heart.
The separation that lied ahead was only of their physical beings for their souls have already united that fateful day when they had accepted each other in that secluded temple. The pain however was inevitable and it was natural. It isn't easy to live without the person whom your eyes wanted to see the first and last in the whole day. Nevertheless they were totally prepared. They just planned a quick short vacation (counting all their savings so far) in a hill station close to their alma mater before they parted ways.
They were welcomed by the ringing of enchanting divine bells of Naina Devi the next morn. Yes, they have just reached Nainital and its natural beauty mesmerised them. The place was a true marvel in its own unique way. There was so much comfort in the lap of mother nature there. The bells chant fascinated Priyam a lot and they took a paddle boat to paddle their way through to Naina Devi, the temple situated right at the centre of the town. Every moment was like a dream they wanted to capture in their heart forever. How they wished they never ended. They even get a couple clicked by a professional photographer who sailed along in the pristine lake surrounded by lush green forests.
Meer wanted to make these 48 hours extra special for his Priyam and like always he had a beautiful script to enthral her….
Was this fairy tale romance heading to its desired end or is there another catastrophe that stood round the corner? Stay tuned to grab the next volume of this romantic love saga right here on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Eternal Love Story. Do share your take on the same, this blog breathes on your comments.
Vol 15 Released here

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