Friday 14 April 2017

My Love For You Shall Never Fade ~ Vol 13 of Priyam Meer's Eternal Love Tale

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Priyam embraced next lovely morn like she always did, inspired and collecting the shattered pieces of her heart, pasting them together neatly on a fresh canvas of hope such that even the cracks don't show up. She had buried deep every hounding memory of the past night and rose from its ashes like a Phoenix to be there strong for her man. She only knew she was supposed to be with him now though she had no clue where he had been wandering since she left him.

Her heart longed for him, to hold him together in his lowest times but she remembered he had only taught her to keep a balance is relationships and don't sacrifice one for the other. An unknown warmth embraced her as she realised how every thought of hers was rich in Meer's fragrance in them. He had changed her so much. These small lows and highs of life can't diminish her love for him and she became hell bent not to abandon his side ever.

Like a perfect daughter she spent the weekend with her family and reached back early morn on Monday. Meer didn't come to pick her up for college and he was not to be found anywhere in the college either. After contemplating for a moment for his possible whereabouts she decided to skip the lecture and headed straight to the library. She frantically searched all their addas in the four floor library but no he was not there. Canteen, auditorium lawns.. no she didn't find him anywhere. Bad thoughts flashed painfully across her mind in continuous succession. It was already afternoon and in a panicky state she took a rickshaw to the temple where they have vouched their love. Holding her tears she rushed up the stairs and found Meer muddled up in a corner. Her heart broke at the sight but she didn't show it a pence.

"You scared me Mee but no matter where you hide, my heart will always find you", she blurted out pulling him close to her. She kissed him on his forehead and held him close to her chest. She kept running down her fingers across his hair but she noticed he did not budge. He looked devastated plus in the last two days he had brooded pessimistically over all that had happened and had found himself not fit for Priyam anymore. He didn't have the courage though to say it in her face. He knew there would be nothing left in him after he separated from her and he shuddered at the thought but he didn't want the shadow of his ill luck drown the happiness of his only love either. He decided to maybe write it to her in a letter later on. He had given up hope and that was killing him within.

In the next months he wrote several letters to her requesting her to leave him on his fate, that a glorious future awaited her and that he was a spurious dark spot in her life. Everything she wrote back to him that there is no Priyam without Meer. She and all her success belonged only and only to him. He has taught her how to live any her life was his and only his. She met him everyday though he didn't speak much. Here began her struggle to get back her dear Meer and she carved a beautiful script for it.

What happens next in this most crucial stage of their lives? Or the worst just got over and there were forever happy times ahead ? Stay tuned as I bring to you the next volume tomorrow right here on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Tale of Eternal Love. Will love to hear from you, my comment breathes on your blog.

Vol14 Released here

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