Thursday 13 April 2017

Last Chance ~ Vol 12 of The Enchanting Tale of Priyam and Meer

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His kickass performance in the interview and the preceding rounds brought back Meer's smile. The results were awaited any moment and he had come to drop his love who was home bound for the weekend. It was still time and they waited at the adjoining bench looking into each other's eyes reassuringly... such is the power of selfless divine love, when the other person's happiness is all matters the most to you. Meer had been really harsh on himself from the day which has denied him his due and he has callously imposed the second opportunity as a last and final chance for him to prove his worth. On the other hand, Priyam had undeniable faith in her God and she has not stopped for a moment, praying for him and for their togetherness. There parting smiles said there hopes were still alive and this was a phase that should pass in a blink of the eye.

As the train started Priyam has comfortably climbed the side upper birth and indulged in her second love. Her coral notebook was all ears to her darling best friend who I remember always penned her most positive thoughts in it so that only they stay with her forever and the negative ones finding no place there recede away.

“I trust I am God's chosen child and because he believes so much in my mental power that he chooses to test me at every step. It has happened before, it has happened today and I wonder how long he tests his daughter. My only request though is keep my Mee away from all this. He may not be able to take your painful games. Please grant us our love which you remember you blessed in the temple that night. I have taken the leap of faith that day trusting that you have destined those moments for us.”

The train moved at the pace of the snail till the next station taking a total of forty odd minutes for a mere 10 kms. As Priyam was pouring out her worst fears and deep prayers on the piece of paper dipped in her tears, she didn't realise train had stopped. As she turned to change sides, she was flabbergasted to see Meer standing right there, pain-stricken and his shoulders hanging low. He looked visibly shattered and his wet eyes revealed his agony of not being able to make it even the second time. His dreams, his world has come crumbling down in front of his eyes. Priyam got down and they moved to near the door of the compartment.

The train roared as it accelerated to its top speed and in its sound Meer cried his heart out. Priyam was shaken and was at loss of words. She stood there like a rock. Why was the only question that hit the walls of their brains from all directions for this company had chosen not to go with the cream of the college but the next layer so that they stayed with them for long as were their policies.

Luck has ditched Meer once again and Priyam held herself responsible for the same as she now believed several fold more that she is jinxed. They stood there for the next many hours trying to hold back their tears and fears. "It's all over" is all what Meer said as he realised Priyam's station has arrived where his mom and brother waited for her in top excitement for her success, holding their breath. Teary-eyed Meer hid himself behind the door as Priyank lifted his sister in his arms on the platform singing the congratulatory song though smile failed to touch Priyam's lips. She only smiled because it meant the world to Meer but now she couldn't. The train with Meer soon whistled out of the station. She was torn apart, she wanted to scream out his name and run behind to catch the hand she never wanted to leave.
Where did the tide of time take them in future? Stay tuned as I bring to you the next volume right here on Truly Yours Roma.

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This is my second #AtoZChallenge. While last year I chose to write on 26 True Stories on Indian Women, this year I am weaving Priyam and Meer's Tale of Eternal Love. Will love to hear from you, my comment breathes on your blog.
Vol13~ Released here

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