Wednesday 12 April 2017

Kiss The Skies Love, You’re My Pride ~ Vol 11 Of The Enchanting Tale of Priyam and Meer

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A single tear rolled down her crimson cheeks and all that she had achieved lost its meaning to her. Everything blurred in front of her eyes for her heart wailed inconsolably to embrace a future without Meer, it felt his hand was slipping away from hers gradually. She looked up to the Almighty and a deep voice within cried out loud, "Why you always fulfil one of the dreams at the cost of the other. My life has now become synonymous with this perennial dilemma. I wait for you to be fair and give me my share without jeopardising some significant other."

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Meer sensed her anxiety and calmed her, "It is ok! Another software giant's campus recruitment is just round the corner..Don't you worry at all My Love; I will secure a place there and then transfers do happen. Nothing can ever separate us." Their hearts were heavy for their worst fear has just shown a glimpse of itself in reality but they were determined as hell. In fact Priyam wanted to appear in the recruitment of TechSys too but as was the rule of College T&P body, a student already placed once cannot appear again so that he/she didn’t block another seat, she wasn't allowed even when she was ready to give in written that she will drop the first one. After the entire ruckus, she expressed her firm belief in him, “Kiss the Skies Love, You’re My Pride!”

I am sure Meer went through a thousand emotions too, at this juncture and peace of mind was far away from her. Luck has never been in his favour from his birth, but after he met her, he has changed his views. Priyam remained her strength and they embarked of another round of preparations. Meer wanted to leave no stone unturned this time as this was his second chance. Deep in his brain he has made it a do or die this time and his conviction was evident. The negative thoughts have failed pathetically to mellow down his spirits.

On the other hand, Priyam's mom and brother were on cloud9 to hear of her success. They have never been happier than this in a lifetime. Priyam was going home for a day in the weekend and the two desperately waited for her and their hearts danced in joy. While her mother was busy making her darling daughter’s favorite dishes her little brother was busy distributing sweets among his friends and neighbours. Their bad days after her dad abandoned them forever were finally over, thanks to their princess and they sure were proud.

The fateful day arrived and Meer definitely looked more prepared and confident than ever before. Priyam was always near him physically as well as mentally. The pressure on him was huge. This was the time to prove how he loved her above all humanity. He trusted himself but not his fate. Will it ditch it once again?? His heart was beating faster than ever.
I sincerely hope Meer made it this time but who knows. Stay tuned to find the same in Vol ~12 of #PriyamMeer's Tale right here tomorrow. You may as well enter your email id in the top right corner of this blog to subscribe and get them delivered to your inbox as soon as it is published.

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Vol12 Released here


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