Tuesday 11 April 2017

Just When You Make It, Destiny Strikes ~ Vol 10 Of The Enchanting Tale of Priyam and Meer

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In exact thirty seven minutes, on the gate, stood her man in a spic and span attire. His blue tie in inter-mingling hues of grey stole her heart. "Hurry up Girl, lest we are late!" The adrenaline rush didn't make them talk much and they quickly reached the venue. His dress obviously made her safely assume that he had made it too. The Panel wanted to finish the interviews of girls first so that they are dropped back in the hostel before it got very late. "They are taking you today" Meer has whispered in her ears gently as she was about to enter the interview room.
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Priyam did have exceptional communication skills and the humility to nail any interview. Her grilling went on for over an hour after which she was sent back to hostel in the Guest House's van with other girls. She had just managed to wish Meer good luck as she had hurried back but the fact that his tie was no more there had hit her for a second. She has shirked the thought terming it as totally redundant in the wake of the extreme summer they were experiencing. He might just put it back before his turn came.

Late that night she waited for his call but didn't know when she slipped into a deep and content sleep. She got up early though with  so many butterflies in her stomach. She was happy with the way she has outdone herself in the interview and was pretty much sure that her genius Meer would have impressed them no less. It was getting difficult with every passing moment. The clock has just struck 9a.m. But where was Meer? May be he slept really late and didn't get up.

Her immediate junior came to inform her that she is the first and the only girl who has made it through the campus recruitments this year with a whooping package. She was on top of the world to hear that, all her hard work has paid of eventually. All that her ears wanted to hear further was that Meer has made it too and their world of dreams awaited them. She quickly got ready as she expected Meer to be here any moment and pick her in his arms. She even thought of calling him but chose to wait for him and catch the emotions live when he arrived.

Meer did come albeit a little late and no doubt he was elated, but alas his silent eyes could not hide anything from the woman who read his every gesture. Didn't know how she had missed it the last night when Meer has faked his selection for the last and final round so that she didn't mess with her dreams due to his failure. He was been in the T&P cell from the wee hours that day and found out that his high school state board percentage could not clear the mandatory cut-off despite of his coming out with flying colours in everything else. It was important for him to know that and Priyam was aghast at what she has just discovered.

Did this incident break Meer's confidence? What will Priyam do now? Reject the dream offer? Stay tuned as I bring to you Vol ~ 10 of this fascinating tale of Priyam and Meer right here on Truly Yours Roma in #AtoZChallenge this April...

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