Monday 10 April 2017

In Love With Love ~ Vol 9 Of The Enchanting Tale of Priyam and Meer

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"Will they take us?" Excited Priyam whispered as soon as she spotted Meer, who was standing just behind her. She looked astoundingly graceful in the navy blue south cotton kurti with little white lilies print on it. "Of course we will, give your best" smiled back her prince charming who too looked oh so handsome in his new white shirt and black trouser. She loved his new clean shaven avatar which she has forced on him. They have always maintained the best grades in class and this was the time they really looked up to with a lot of sincere preparation going behind it. The atmosphere of the campus was quite exciting and eventful that day as the recession for the past 2 years has hit the campus recruitments the hardest. It was heartening things were finally looking up. Some nervous and some anxious faces waited for the pre-placement talk outside the T&P Cell. They have heard the three people in the panel have arrived late last night and included an alumnus, a technical lead and a pretty HR lady rest everything was to be revealed later that afternoon.

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The team kept the talk crisp though underlining clearly the requirements of PCS, the global software major and the number of vacancies. Open house was quick as no one really wanted to mess with the ones who might suddenly turn most important for them in the next rounds. On yes, did I mention, there were supposed to be 3 rounds. All of them quickly moved for the first round which was a written paper. The questions were tricky and no one knew there was an upper as well as below cut-off for the marks obtained by the applicant. Most questions though were on logical reasoning a little of quantitative analysis and technical was also included. 60 questions in 60 minutes…Oh my, that hour went by in a flash of a second and no one actually had an idea of how they performed. This indeed was their first such major encounter and the wave or uncertainty was the only thing that was certain that hour…all fingers crossed.

It was 3 in the afternoon and they were given an hour of lunch before the results of the first round came and second round began. Priyam and Meer decided to spend that hour in the college canteen ordering a fresh water melon juice each. In place of discussing the underlying principles of round 2~ GD ( Group Discussion ) Meer tickled Priyam's funny bones with his unearthly sense of humour. Ironically unlike the past months, they were absolutely fearless, madly in love with love itself. From that love they derived all their power oblivious of the fact what next 24 hours had in store for them.

Luckily both of them made to the second round and were called in, in separate groups. The topics were mainly current affairs and both of them had a good hang of them thanks to spending most of their time in library together. After the completion of round two, they were required to submit their documents and mark-sheets for final short-listing and wait for the list of the hand few people who have made it to the Final Interview Round.

It was already eight in the night and everyone knew the placements body leaves next morn which meant the interviews will take place that very night. The results of the chosen few would be here any minute and probably be informed over phone in the girls and boys hostel. The phone didn't ring, some junior brought the list at the girls hostel gate and asked the selected ones to present themselves for the interview at the guest house in an hour. Priyam heaved a sigh of relief finding her name right at the top. If she makes it will be a dream come true for her and she will be able to give her mom and brother a much better life…a life she always wanted to give them…and free them of their hell forever.

Did Meer make it too.. ? Or did he not? How well did they take it? What are the results of the last round... did it carve a happily ever after tale? Or did they part ways? Stay tuned as I bring the next volume tomorrow right here on Truly Yours Roma.

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