Sunday 9 April 2017

Here Today We Unite Our Souls Forever ~ Vol 8 Of The Enchanting Tale of Priyam and Meer 'Lost Love'

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The fear of the inevitable further drew them close. As our fears often bring out our most hidden emotions, in the next few months this fact accentuated Priyam and Meer's precious bonding. They realised even the thought of not being with each other shattered their heart into a million pieces and the perennial agony couldn't be subsided by anyone or anything.

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Nevertheless they still haven't professed their infinite love to each other. But don't actions speak louder than words... I strongly believe the unspoken words are in fact heart deepest in the other resonating heart. Yet Meer for the first time felt very vulnerable. He felt like time was slipping away from his hands and he was unable to do anything to hold it. Something sure was cooking in his mind and this time he failed to hold the overwhelming sea of emotions in his heart...
It was an extremely foggy cold december evening when Meer reached the girls hostel and asked someone to please send Priyam. In her pyjamas and slippers she ran out perplexed as he had just dropped her back a few minutes ago after being together for more than ten hours and the next day they had theirs exam. Holding her breadth, he questioned aloud "Are you ok Mee? " that's the name she has given him and was very possessive about it . "Come with me" he said and confused but with unparalleled trust on him she sat with him in the rickshaw Meer had already stopped.

The next 30 minutes transformed her to a divine state, those ethereal moments are forever etched on her heart. Today many years later, as she sits with me revealing this true tale of her life, her eyes had a visible spark of what ecstatic joy and memories of a lifetime those few moments have given her. That day the very silent and firm Meer has taken her to the temple on the outskirts of the small town they studied and there they stood in front of the statue of Lord Shiva. He has placed one hand on his chest and the other on Priyam's head and prayed for a few minutes and as he did that tears rolled down his eyes. Priyam stood there gazing at him with moist eyes and an even more moist heart. Her heart went out to him as his sincerity, pain and love all oozed out of his eyes simultaneously. He only said "Here today we unite our souls forever", to which she nodded in affirmation. All the words of the universe would fail to describe the power of those words and that divine moment. All that was happening was beyond their control. She placed her head against his chest and as he held her in the softest ever way a man can hold his beloved, she promised his rapidly beating heart, to be his and only his forever. It was such a heavenly feeling as if the Gods themselves were blessing them from their world above and tying them together for ever and ever and ever. Priyam closed her eyes to entrap these surreal moments forever in her heart as Meer escorted her back to her hostel. That night was truly special for both of them and gave them immense power to ward off any catastrophe that could separate them, no matter how real near it was. Every time now the weird thoughts engulfed them or scared them they closed their eyes to relive that special most precious moment that now formed the foundation of their life.

They were now in their final year of engineering and the first company was arriving shortly for campus placements. Endlessly they had planned that they will join an organisation only if they both got selected in it or else they will go for higher studies working part time to support themselves.

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What happens next proved to be really decisive of where their lives would lead. Stay with me as I bring to you the same tomorrow in Vol9 of #PriyamMeer in #AtoZChallenge.


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