Friday 7 April 2017

Give it a Name and You Loose the Fragrance ~ Vol 7 Of The Enchanting Tale of Priyam and Meer 'Lost Love'

The most beautiful relationships in the world are the ones which don't have a name. They are at times stronger than the blood ties or the manmade ones. For, they are not burdened with expectations of a man and wife, a lover and her beloved, a brother and sister or at times even a mom and child. They just soothe the two hearts with the fragrance of their presence in each other's life as they walk the beautiful journey of life together hand in hand.

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This is what Priyam believed and she could not deny that Meer was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to her. The world was such a better place with him. His selfless warmth was a balm to her bruised life and all she wished was to live like this with him forever. Earnestly, she closed her eyes when he hugged her or held her hand for it was the best feeling on earth. She felt like a baby protected and pampered by him whom he often referred to as his little doll. All that she has missed so far in life has been packed in Meer by God and sent to her for probably some of the real good deeds of her past birth. No doubt she still remained phobic of committing to a relationship for it may go as stale as what she has witnessed all her childhood.

Meer knew this and never really asked her. Despite of all the teasing and mockery by his hostel-mates, he never did. It never really mattered to him how and what their relationship was termed in society. All that mattered was how deeply he loved her. Spending most of their time together their thoughts have rubbed on each of them. He may fight the society to forever keep her in her arms but not with her to make her do what heart doesn't want.

Years passed and their bond only grew stronger in time. They became almost inseparable. Priyam's innocent ways and pure heart always left Meer smitten as he called her several times on the hostel phone for the few hours in the night that she was away from him. While Meer's therapeutic touch had healed Priyam's wounds and she was blissfully happy in his company.

But this was the final year of their engineering. Soon there shall be campus placements and their hearts often froze thinking of separation...they planned something to stay together forever but destiny had an altogether different plan….

What do you think happens next ? Stay tuned to find out in the next volume of an enchanting love tale of Priyam and Meer right here on TrulyYoursRoma.

My Precious Readers, Here I am, Truly Yours Roma, bringing to you whole of April (in #AtoZChallenge with Blogchatter) a sweet and candid tale of Priyam and Meer who are a wonderful set of human beings, hoping that the fragrance of their beautiful relationship touches and tinkles your heart and stays in it forever.

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